Upcoming Releases

New coins released from 8:00am (AWST) Friday 31st January 2020

  • James Bond 2020 1oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin
  • James Bond 2020 1oz Gold Coin Card
  • James Bond 2020 1oz Silver Coin in Card
  • Mini Roo 2020 0.5g Gold Coin
  • Australia Sovereign 2020 Gold Proof Coin with 165 Privy
  • Australian Kookaburra 2020 2kg Silver Antiqued High Relief Coin
  • Simpsons Krusty 2020 1oz Silver Coin
  • Figure 8 Dragon & Phoenix 2020 2oz Antiqued Coin
  • Deadly and Dangerous-Tarantula 2020 1oz Silver Proof Coin

The January 2020 Collectable Coin Bulletin is nothing short of gigantic in terms of new coin releases: 

You can peruse these electronic catalogues at your leisure, or visit the Recent Releases or Gifts section of our website.

Please note prices were correct at the time of release and some coins may no longer be available. For current availability and pricing refer to the recent releases page.