Media Release: InfiniGold launches digital gold with The Perth Mint

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Wednesday 31January 2018



In collaboration with The Perth Mint, InfiniGold has released the latest innovation in gold investment – a flexible digital gold product compatible with a wide range of technology platforms including blockchain.

InfiniGold digital gold certificates offer institutions the opportunity to present investors with a new, secure and easy way to trade, hold and transfer physical gold.

These digital certificates represent direct ownership of physical gold that is securely stored in The Perth Mint’s network of central bank grade vaults, which are located in the safe geopolitical environment of Western Australia. 

InfiniGold spokesman Sean McCawley said that InfiniGold certificates are the closest a customer can get to buying physical gold, in a digital form. 

“Our digital certificates are far more compatible with a physical holding than ETFs or other products based on futures, leveraged positions, or future production,” confirmed Mr McCawley. 

“Investors can buy, sell, transfer and settle gold certificates which are directly linked to physical metal holdings at The Perth Mint. Investors may also have their digital holdings shipped to them in physical form if they choose,” continued Mr McCawley.

InfiniGold’s digital certificates have been developed using institutional-grade technology on a secure high-speed infrastructure to enable immediate transactions and settlements in real time 24/7.  

As the demand for digital trading strengthens across the global investor landscape, InfiniGold sought backing from The Perth Mint due to the size and scale of its operation and its expertise in offering precious metals investment and storage solutions. 

Perth Mint Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hayes, said that the Mint operates the largest gold refinery in the southern hemisphere and the world’s only government guaranteed storage facility, so it is well positioned to support new channels for gold investment.

“Working with InfiniGold we are able to grow our network of distributors to generate greater demand for Australian gold in international markets,” said Mr Hayes.

Holding an InfiniGold certificate is like holding actual gold. This digital gold can be accessed and distributed through any digital channel, including digital banking technologies as well as new and emerging marketplaces based on blockchain and distributed ledgers.

Backed by The Perth Mint, InfiniGold certificates differ from other digital gold products as they offer investors surety that the gold in which they are investing is ethically sourced, and its purity and weight is guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia. All gold stored at The Perth Mint is backed by the highest rated short term “A1+” and highly rated long term “AA+” Government Guarantee.

InfiniGold digital certificates give investors access to physical gold holdings, without the expense and risk involved in securing and storing their wealth. 



For more information and interviews with InfiniGold please contact
Heather Gascoigne +61 410 297 111

For interviews by The Perth Mint, please contact:
Alexandra Lucchesi +61 403 985 897


 About InfiniGold

InfiniGold is a joint venture between and Digital Access Australia and is based in the Capital Markets Co-operative Research Centre (CMCRC) in Sydney, Australia. The CMCRC provides thought leadership and break-through technology solutions for finance, capital and health markets and is Australia's leading research and development organisation in this field. is an investee company of the CMCRC and is led by Dr. Andreas Furche. Digital Access Australia is led by Steve Bellotti, formerly MD Global Markets and Institutional Loans at ANZ Bank. 


About The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is Australia’s largest and most highly accredited precious metals enterprise. Through its integrated operations and trusted products and services, it develops markets and creates demand for Australian precious metals the world over.

Operating the largest refinery and the only facility in Australia accredited for gold and silver by the London Bullion Market Association, the Mint holds endorsements from premier commodity trading centres in London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Dubai. 

The Mint exports in excess of AUD18 billion worth of bullion bars and coins to institutional and private investors in more than 130 countries each year and issues an array of legal tender commemoratives for collectors. Offering the world’s only government guaranteed precious metals investment and storage program, the Mint also manages in excess of AUD3 billion worth of metal held on behalf of more than 30,000 clients.

Still operating in its original premises established in 1899, The Mint is also a premier tourist destination and home to the world’s largest coin - the Australian Kangaroo One Tonne Gold Coin.