Media Release: Perth Mint Exhibits One of the World's Rarest Diamonds

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Wednesday 18 December 2013



An extremely rare Argyle pink tender diamond, valued in excess of half a million dollars, is now on exhibit at The Perth Mint.

The significant stone was unearthed from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia’s East Kimberley region and selected for the 2010 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender as Lot 48.

The 1.08 carat emerald-shaped Argyle pink diamond has been hand set in a magnificent 10oz 22-carat pink gold ingot crafted by The Perth Mint.

The bullion ingot is only one of six in existence, each of which features a stunning one-of-a-kind tender diamond. The feature design of the exclusive piece depicts a native boab tree, with the intense precious pink stone showcased in the top right corner. The inscriptions BEYOND RARE and ARGYLE PINK DIAMONDS frame the intricate artistry.

Argyle’s premium pink diamonds have traditionally been sold by tender since 1985. Known as the most exclusive diamond sale in the world, the tender is a highly anticipated event by diamantaires around the world.

“We’re delighted to continue our collaboration with Argyle to create this extremely limited edition work of art. An Argyle pink tender diamond is classed as the ultimate possession. Coupled with the grandeur of gold, this 10oz ingot is undoubtedly an unrivalled object of desire,” said Perth Mint Sales and Marketing Director, Ron Currie.

Josephine Johnson, Manager Argyle Pink Diamonds, added “The rarity of Argyle pink diamonds has been steadily increasing for the past decade. To now set one of our rarest stones, a signature tender diamond, into a specially struck ingot from The Perth Mint has only enhanced its collectability.”

“There is also a wonderful story of traditional craftsmanship which is evident from the polishing of our diamonds, to the making of the ingot dies, and the pouring of the gold itself. Put simply, this is an extraordinary item,” she continued.

The Argyle Pink Diamond 10oz Pink Gold Ingot is now on display in The Perth Mint Shop located at 310 Hay Street in East Perth until February 2014.


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