A superbly minted coin represents an ideal way to raise funds on behalf of charities, education institutes, political parties and a wide range of other associations.

The Perth Mint’s cost-effective Private Minting service provides any organisation with an opportunity to sell a coin or medallion and take advantage of a significant Fundraising margin.

When you choose The Perth Mint, the credibility of your Fundraising Project is enhanced by the renowned quality, superior design and historic tradition of our minted products.

Choosing The Perth Mint also enables you to benefit from:

Legal Tender Status - we have close links with many coin issuing authorities.
Limited Mintage - we issue serial-numbered Certificates of Authenticity guaranteeing the total mintage figure.
Pure Precious Metals - we certify the use of 99.99% pure gold, 99.99% pure silver, or 99.95% pure platinum.