The Perth Mint offers many additional and increasingly sophisticated options to Private Minting clients, including:

Proof or Bullion Finishing

Choose frosted design elements on a polished background table, or vice versa.


This process creates an aged, deeply toned appearance.


Permanent colour designs are achieved with modern pad printing techniques.

Edge Lettering 

Numbering or lettering can be incorporated onto the edge helping to make each piece unique.

Bi-Metal Combinations 

Stunning results are achieved by combining different coloured metals.


The image on the coin changes or moves as the viewing angle is altered.

Locket Coin

This concept makes use of a transparent ‘locket’ to encapsulate free-moving parts, which are visible from both sides of the coin.

Privy Marks Inserts 

A small insert or a mixture of metals can be used to create an individual item.


From acrylic capsules to stunning Australian hardwood presentation cases, The Perth Mint provides a myriad of options.