About the process

StrikingOnce the quotation and delivery timelines are approved, the formal design and minting process begins, throughout which your project management team will remain in constant contact.

Quality is assured through the combination of time-honoured techniques and state-of-the-art minting technology.

The Perth Mint artists painstakingly create a three-dimensional plaster model of your piece.  This large-scale representation is placed on a reducing machine to trace the design into steel. The result of this process, which can take up to six days to ensure the correct depth of relief, results in the ‘reduction punch’.  

During the ‘hobbing’ process, an hydraulic press exerting many tonnes of pressure is used to press the reduction punch into a prepared steel billet, which is machine finished, engraved and hardened to produce a working die.

‘Obverse’ and ‘Reverse’ dies are installed in the press, which strikes each piece as many times as required to achieve the specified standard of finish.

Close examination by specialist inspectors ensures that pieces of only the highest quality are issued.

Download The Perth Mint Private Minting Brochure here.