Media Release: Perth Mint Rolls One Tonne Coin Into Kalgoorlie

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Monday 4 July 2016



To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Diggers and Dealers, The Perth Mint will showcase the world’s largest and most valuable coin ever made – the Australian Kangaroo One Tonne Gold Coin – in Kalgoorlie for the inaugural day of Australia’s premier mining forum.

As the conference commences on 1 August, the Guinness World Record holding masterpiece will make its debut in the outback city from which most of the gold of its making was originally sourced.

Tipping the scales at one tonne of 99.99% pure gold, measuring 80cm wide and 12cm deep, and valued in excess of $60million, the colossal coin was created as the pinnacle of the nation’s gold bullion coin program, and used to promote Australian gold internationally.

Committed to actively developing markets and enhancing global demand for Australian precious metals through the export of a wide range of products and services, The Perth Mint is an industry institution.

“The Perth Mint has made an invaluable contribution to the Australian gold industry for more than a century, and it has shown its support of Diggers and Dealers since our inception 25 years ago,” said Diggers and Dealers Director, John Langford.

“We are delighted to host such a sizable treasure at this year’s conference, as it demonstrates to the industry, and to the world, how remarkable achievements such as this can heighten the promotion of gold on the world stage,” continued Mr Langford.

As Australia’s largest and most highly accredited precious metals enterprise, The Perth Mint accepted the challenge of this engineering feat with the same enthusiasm and expertise with which it manages its integrated operations and maintains its global standing.

With its advanced refining and manufacturing facilities, and specialist treasury and trading services, through to its range of hallmarked bars, bullion and commemorative coins, and innovative investment and storage solutions, The Perth Mint is positioned to support anyone with the desire to buy, sell, invest in or collect precious metals.

Being the only Mint endorsed with a government guarantee, and holding accreditations by the top five commodity centres globally, The Perth Mint supplies trusted quality products and services to markets worldwide. Together with its unwavering quest to promote gold and other precious metals as an asset for all, The Perth Mint actively supports the industry in which it operates.

“With a passion for gold, and an advocate of the industry, The Perth Mint is proud to showcase the One Tonne Coin at Diggers and Dealers during its 25th anniversary year,” said Perth Mint Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hayes.

The Mint’s commitment to share the fascinating story of Western Australian gold, and its own rich history with the global community is also portrayed through its dazzling Gold Exhibition, housed in its grand heritage building located at the east end of Perth’s city centre.

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