Value added bullion product

    The Perth Mint has the capability to convert hundreds of tonnes of fine gold into value-added products each year. The following products are produced at our refinery:
    • 99.99% and 99.50% 400oz gold London Good Delivery Bars
    • 99.99% and 99.50% kilo gold bars
    • 99.9% 100g gold bars
    • A range of small 99.99% gold investment bars (0.5oz to 50oz)
    • Gold and silver granules
    • 99.9% 1000oz silver London Good Delivery Bars
    • A range of small 99.9% silver investment bars (10oz to 100oz)

    London good delivery bars

    These bullion products are marketed into professional markets through our specialised treasury.

    Volumes of the small gold and silver investment bars are available for purchase online at


    Refining 9999 fine gold