Analytical services

The Perth Mint refinery hosts a London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) accredited laboratory, with the highest standard of bullion analysis accuracy, reliability and integrity.

The technically advanced laboratory is resourced with a team of highly trained chemists and technicians. State-of-the-art equipment is used including high performance simultaneous Inductively Coupled Plasma and Spark Optical Emission spectrometers, and Wavelength dispersive X-ray Fluorescent spectrometers.

Our refinery also offers UMPIRE or independent Mine Check Analysis for other refiners and international precious metals producers throughout the world. Services include bullion assaying, ICP base metal scans and high purity metals analysis.


Fee Schedule

Our fee schedule represents the standard charges for the analyses most frequently requested. However, we are not limited to this list, so please contact us as special rates may be negotiated for samples in large numbers or on regular consignment.

 Fire Assay of Bullion  
 Category   Mine Check Assays  Umpire Analysis
 Gold & Silver  AUD 180.00  AUD 250.00
 Gold Only  AUD 150.00  AUD 180.00
 Silver Only  AUD 150.00  AUD 180.00
 Sweep Material  N/A    AUD 500.00


 Instrumental Analysis    
 ICP Base Metal Scan  AUD 150.00  
 High Purity Gold (99.99%)  AUD 250.00  
 Fine Silver (99.9%)  AUD 250.00  
 High Purity Platinum (99.95%)  AUD 250.00  
 Platinum (Lemel & Doré)  AUD 200.00  
 Palladium (Lemel & Doré)  AUD 200.00  
 Platinum & Palladium (Lemel & Doré)  AUD 250.00  
 AUD 250.0

Immersion dip sampling and assay

Advanced lab technology