Crafted to Collect

Every coin tells a story. But within its creation lies a story, in and of itself.

Solid blocks of gold and silver lie waiting in the vault, ready to be guided by gloved hands through The Perth Mint’s coining division, emerging as perfectly crafted collectable coins.

Rolled and rolled again through well-oiled machinery, each layer hand measured with micrometric precision. Each coin cut from the golden ribbon, inspected and weighed, burnished to a high lustre and blow dried under the careful eye of experts.

Meanwhile, designers sit upstairs, pouring over research and creating illustrations to be passed onto engravers, or a sculptor to create a plaster with their bare hands.

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Our master craftspeople then create the dies used to stamp carefully considered designs onto precious metal blanks. Each engraving, transferred onto a die, is struck into the collector coin three times — no more, no less — to create a flawless relief from the coin’s table. It may be antiqued, enhanced with other features, or gilded. Even, printed upon with utmost accuracy, with techniques renowned throughout the world.

Inspected and encapsulated by coin specialists, the coin is ready to be packaged. Ready to be collected. True craft you can hold in the palm of your hand.

But the proof of our craft, ultimately, is in what we reject. Anything blemished is melted back down at 1300ºC, cast back to blocks of metal, ready to begin again.

Find your passion

Themes to delight

From pop culture to animals, Australian, Chinese, historic and more, The Perth Mint offers a huge selection of themed coins to choose from.  

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Crafted for super fans

Express your true fandom by buying from these licensed collectables, crafted to perfection with your favourite pop culture icons and anniversaries. 

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Crafted for history buffs

These coins tell the stories of the past, immortalised in precious gold and silver. From celebrating world events such as royal births and marriages to commemorating important military dates The Perth Mint has the coins for you.  

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Next generation coin collector

Children have a natural desire to make sense of and create order in their world, and as part of this process, their inclination to collect starts at a young age. 

Coin collecting for kids

What makes a succesful coin series?

It’s a tricky challenge: identify the theme for a collectable coin that will win the hearts of collectors — and do it a year or two in advance, before any design has hit the page.

What makes a successful coin series

Recent releases

Explore our recent releases, with new coins minted monthly

Feature products

Explore our exciting range of collector coins, available in gold, silver and platinum.

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