1870 Sydney Mint Type II Sovereign

  • 1870 Sydney Mint Type II Sovereign
  • 1870 Sydney Mint Type II Sovereign

Australian history you can hold in your hands, this superior grade 1870 Sydney Mint coin was the last release of what is now considered Australia’s first sovereign series. Featuring: 

  • 22 carat (91.67%) pure gold
  • Colonial Australian design
  • Queen Victoria Young head with banksia effigy
  • Issued during the Australian gold rush
  • Final date struck of Sydney Mint’s Type II sovereign
  • About extremely fine condition
  • Prestigious display case
  • Certificate of Authenticity
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1870 Sydney Mint Type II Sovereign 19G99AAA AUS $ 1,136.36
US$ 808.93

Product Information

An essential component of every Australian collection, this remarkably preserved 1870 Sydney Mint sovereign represents a piece of Australia’s gold rush history. Struck at Australia's now-defunct Sydney Mint, the Type II Sydney Mint Sovereign earned the mantle of Australia's first sovereign due to its distinctly colonial design.

Produced as a direct result of the gold rush, which commenced in the 1850s, the Sydney sovereign was originally deemed as official legal tender in New South Wales only. However due to its widespread appeal the coin was adopted in other Australian colonies and by 1866 had crept into purses as far afield as Britain, India, Hong Kong and Newfoundland. From 1871 Australian sovereigns reverted to strictly Imperial designs, making this 1870 specimen the final release in the Australian sovereign series.

Australian Design

The coin’s reverse portrays St Edward’s crown, a laurel wreath and the inscription ‘SYDNEY MINT AUSTRALIA ONE SOVEREIGN’. The obverse bears the Young Head with banksia portrait of Her Majesty Queen Victoria crafted by Leonard Charles Wyon for Australian sovereigns in 1857.

Prestigious Packaging

The coin is housed in a beautiful prestigious, embossed case.

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