The Complete 1902-1910 Sovereign Collection

  • The Complete 1902-1910 Sovereign Collection

A rare opportunity to secure a complete collection of artefacts from Australia’s golden heritage, this King Edward VII Sovereign Collection includes in superb quality every date and mintmark from 1902 to 1910 struck in Australia. Featuring:

  • 27- coin collection
  • 22 carat (91.67%) pure gold
  • Iconic St George and the dragon reverse design
  • ‘M’, ‘P’ and ‘S’ mintmarks denote mint of origin
  • Issued during King Edward VII’s brief reign
  • Extremely fine to about uncirculated quality
  • Prestigious lockable timber case

Please note this release is available to purchase via our customer service team on +61 8 9421 7222 or

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The Complete 1902-1910 Sovereign Collection 19G99DAA AUS $ 32,395.50
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Product Information


This exceptional set of 27 extremely fine to about uncirculated sovereign coins is a rare opportunity to instantly create a complete collection. Comprising every date struck at Australia’s Sydney, Melbourne and Perth mints from 1902 to 1910, each coin features the effigy of King Edward VII in a physical representation of his short-lived reign.

These specimens are scarce in premium grade due to the passage of time and the impact of history. Many 22-carat gold sovereigns were melted down to repay debt incurred during World War I. In addition, the fact the sovereign was a circulating coin during King Edward VII’s reign resulted in most surviving pre-war sovereigns becoming notoriously well-worn from day-to-day use.

Lavish Display Case

The comprehensive collection is housed in a lavish, lockable timber case with each coin individually displayed in a protective capsule. Each certificate is individually held in the case draw.  

Technical Specifications
Outer White Box
Black Box
Height (mm)


Width (mm) 260  235
Length (mm) 295  280