1911 King George V Perth Mint Gold Sovereign

  • 1911 King George V Perth Mint Gold Sovereign
  • 1911 King George V Perth Mint Gold Sovereign

A highly sought-after piece of Australian history, this pre-World War I King George V sovereign features:

  • First issue King George V Perth Mint Sovereign
  • Iconic St George and the dragon reverse design
  • 22 carat gold
  • About uncirculated - uncirculated condition
  • Prestigious presentation case
  • Certificate of Authenticity
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1911 King George V Perth Mint Gold Sovereign 18F43AAA AUS $ 1,177.27
US$ 878.54

Product Information


The 1911P gold coin was the first gold George V sovereign to be struck by The Perth Mint. Typical of all early George V sovereigns, the 1911 Perth Mint Gold Sovereign is rare in premium grade, making this release of About Uncirculated (aUnc) to Uncirculated (Unc) quality coins an exciting opportunity for collectors.

The 1911 sovereigns were among the last issued before the First World War, at a time the coins were still used in general circulation before the war made them a commodity. The vast majority of sovereigns from pre-WWI years are well worn, unaccounted for, or were melted down for their intrinsic value. Highly sought-after for their ‘first-issue’ status and near-flawless condition, the 1911 Perth Mint King George V Gold Sovereign is an outstanding offering of history, beauty and prestige.

Historic St George Design

The coin’s reverse portrays Benedetto Pistrucci's classic St George and the dragon design with the wyvern-like dragon being trampled by St George’s warhorse. Also included is The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.
The coin features a large uncrowned bust of King George V facing left on its obverse.

Presentation Packaging and Certificate

Each coin is housed in an elegant black timber case and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Gem (or Gem Unc): A coin at the higher end of the mint state spectrum – underpinned by a strong strike, full detail, full lustre, no imperfections.
Choice Uncirculated (Ch Unc): An exceptional example, showing no sign of wear, no imperfections, sharp detail and full mint lustre.
Uncirculated (Unc): An uncirculated or unused coin. The finest possible condition for a circulation-struck coin, defined by full detail, no wear, and original lustre.
Extremely Fine (EF): A clear, sharp, lustrous coin, showing traces of wear on the high points, and light surface marks from circulation. 
Very Fine (VF): Lacking original lustre, and exhibiting some flatness to the designs, and other signs of circulation.
Fine (F): Circulation clearly evident, with general wear and flatness to the designs. 
Very Good (VG): Bereft of any significant detail in the designs – strong evidence of circulation.
Good (g): Use of the prefi x ‘good’ (e.g. good Extremely Fine) indicates that the coin is slightly better than the stated grade.
About (a): Use of the prefi x ‘about’ (e.g. about Extremely Fine) indicates that the coin is just below the stated grade.

The Australian Minted Gold Sovereign Series 1855 – 1931 consists of 9 different types. The Sydney Mint Type 1 (1855 -1856), Sydney Mint Type 2 (1857 – 1870), Victorian Young Head Shield Reverse (1871 – 1887), Victorian Young Head St George Reverse (1871 – 1887), Victorian Jubilee Head (1887 – 1893), Victorian Veiled Head (1893 – 1901), King Edward VII, (1902 – 1910), King George V Large Head (1911 – 1928) and King George V Small Head (1929 – 1931).

The later King George V Sovereigns are either Very Scarce or Rare due to the mints cutting back on mintages. Dates: 1919M, 1920M & S, 1921S & M, 1922S & M, 1923S, 1924S & P, 1925P, 1926P, S & M, 1927P, 1928M & P, 1929M, 1930M & 1931M.

Sovereigns could be produced at one mint, two mints or at all mints, and when enough coins were thought to be in circulation no sovereigns were produced at all. Australian Sovereigns can be collected by Date, Type, and Mint mark or by a combination of these.

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