1919 Gold Sovereign Mintmark Trio

  • 1919 Gold Sovereign Mintmark Trio
  • 1919 Gold Sovereign Mintmark Trio

This rare trio of Australian 1919 gold sovereigns, showcasing the craftsmanship of each of the three Australian branches of The Royal Mint, is a must-have for collectors. Featuring:

  • A set of 1919 Sydney, Perth and Melbourne gold sovereigns
  • Iconic St George and the Dragon reverse design
  • 22 carat gold
  • Extremely Fine - About Uncirculated condition
  • Prestigious timber case
  • Certificate of Authenticity
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1919 Gold Sovereign Mintmark Trio 18F42AAA AUS $ 3,359.09
US$ 2,593.55

Product Information

This premium grade three-coin set of 1919 King George V gold sovereigns, the first Australian sovereigns struck post-World War I, is an exciting acquisition for any collector. The rarity of Australia’s 1919 coins are due to their relatively low mintages, with 2.995 million 1919 Perth Mint Sovereigns, 1.835 million 1919 Sydney Mint Sovereigns and only 514,000 1919 Melbourne Mint Sovereigns struck. Recording the third lowest mintage of any Australian sovereign at the time it was struck, the Melbourne Mint’s 1919 Gold Sovereign is particularly scarce today.
Due to the economic impact of World War I, sovereigns became an international commodity, traded between nations for their intrinsic gold value. Although sovereigns continued to be struck at Australia’s three mints after the war, a large number of coins were shipped overseas to repay the substantial debt incurred as a result of the country’s war effort. With hundreds of thousands of sovereigns melted down after dispatch, post-war dated coins range from scarce to incredibly rare. The complete 1919 Gold Sovereign Trio is seldom seen on the market, especially in the quality as displayed in this set.

22-Carat Gold

Struck at the Perth, Sydney and Melbourne Mints in 22-carat gold, each sovereign features traditional 'P', 'S' or 'M' mintmark, and has been graded Extremely Fine - About Uncirculated condition.

Historic St George Design

Each coin’s reverse portrays Benedetto Pistrucci's classic St George and the dragon design with the wyvern-like dragon being trampled by St George’s warhorse. The historic ‘P’, ‘S’ or ‘M’ mintmarks denote the Perth, Sydney and Melbourne mints respectively.
Each coin features a large uncrowned bust of King George V facing left on its obverse.

Presentation Packaging and Certificate

Sure to impress the most discerning of collectors, each set is displayed in a lush black timber case and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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