2010 UK Standard Proof Coin Set

  • 2010 UK Standard Proof Coin Set
  • 13 United Kingdom Coins
  • Superb Proof Quality
  • Five Commemorative Designs
  • Eight Circulating Coins
  • Presentation Case
  • Booklet and Certificate
  • Limited Issue
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2010 UK Standard Proof Coin Set 10P86AAA AUS $ 45.41
US$ 32.52

Product Information

A fabulous set for every collector, this 13-coin set contains five commemorative issues and stunning examples of Britain’s circulating coins.

Struck in Superb Proof Quality

Each coin in the set is struck by the Royal Mint in superb proof quality.

Five Commemoratives Designs

£5 Restoration of the Monarchy

350 years ago, the Monarchy was peacefully restored under the reign of Charles II. The handsome £5 coin celebrating the Restoration features a representation of St Edward’s crown, newly made for the coronation of Charles II, sprays of oak leaves alluding to his escape after the battle of Worcester in 1651 and, in a pleasing link with his coinage, interlinked Cs.

£2 Florence Nightingale

During the Crimean War Florence Nightingale took a team of nurses to the battlefields to care for the ill and critically injured troops. She brought order and cleanliness to the hospitals there becoming known as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ as she tended the wounded at night. The £2 coin struck in her honour celebrates 150 years of nursing care with the background symbolising the rays of light from her lamp.

£1 Cities Series – London and Belfast

The two new £1 coins making their debut in 2010 begin a new series of four celebrating the great cities of the UK. London and Belfast feature in 2010 with Cardiff and Edinburgh due to follow in 2011. The reverses each bear the heraldic devices of the four cities while highlighting each one specifically.

50p Girl Guides

The Girl Guides Association was founded in 1910 to give girls the same opportunities and experiences available to boys in the Scouts. The charming 50p coin marking the centenary of the Girl Guide movement features a repeating pattern of the Girlguiding UK identity, their interlinking form conveying a sense of protection, trust and unity.

Eight Circulating Coins

£2 Technology

When it was first struck in 1997, the definitive £2 coin was the first bi-colour coin of the United Kingdom. Its reverse design was the result of a public competition and celebrates the march of technological progress in Britain from the Iron Age to the Internet Age.

£1 Royal Arms

Unveiled in 2008, the definitive £1 design depicts the shield of the Royal Arms, a symbol of Britain’s ancient royal heritage.

1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p

Like the definitive £1, the designs for Britain’s lower denomination coins were created by Matthew Dent.  Each one portrays a portion of the shield of the Royal Arms.  When arranged correctly, they depict the famous shield in its entirety.

Presentation Case

The coins are housed in a stylish black case which allows them to be displayed upright or laid flat within the specially designed base.

Booklet and Certificate

An informative booklet, which incorporates a Certificate of Authenticity, provides insight into the commemorative designs and how they were were chosen.

Limited Issue

Only 20,000 UK Proof Sets in this presentation have been authorised.

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