2011 Platypus Dreaming 1oz Silver Coin

  • 2011 Platypus Dreaming 1oz Silver Coin
  • 2011 Platypus Dreaming 1oz Silver Coin
  • 2011 Platypus Dreaming 1oz Silver Coin
  • 99.9% Pure Silver
  • Australian Legal Tender
  • Unusual Rectangle Shape
  • Popular Aboriginal Art
  • Illustrated Presentation Pack
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Mint-to-Order (Limited Time)
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2011 Platypus Dreaming 1oz Silver Coin 1102BPDAAA AUS $ 77.27
US$ 51.21

Product Information


Platypuses are amazing creatures and iconic to Australia.  They live beside freshwater rivers and lakes, where they create burrows for shelter and protection. 

According to Aboriginal belief, all life - human, animal, bird and fish - is part of a vast unchanging network of relationships, which can be traced back to the great spirit ancestors of the Dreamtime.

The platypus has a number of different Aboriginal names, including boondaburra, mallingong and tambreet.  In traditional Indigenous culture, the platypus is regarded as very special, and is one of the few animals that it is considered taboo to hunt or eat.

99.9% Pure Silver

The coin is struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver.

Unusual Rectangle Shape

The rectangular coins is the perfect shape for the Indigenous-style art portrayed on the reverse.

Popular Aboriginal Art

The coin’s reverse was created by Darryl Bellotti, a Western Australian Indigenous artist of both Yamatji and Nyoongar descent, as a tribute to the platypus.  The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark is included in the design.

Australian Legal Tender

Issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965, the coin bears the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the monetary denomination on its obverse.

Illustrated Presentation Pack

The Platypus Dreaming coin is housed in a beautifully illustrated, themed presentation pack.

Certificate of Authenticity

The coin is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity.


The coin is struck on a mint-to-order basis only.

Technical Specifications

Silver Content (Troy oz) 1
Monetary Denomination (AUD) 1
Fineness (% purity) 99.9
Minimum Gross Weight (g) 31.135
Maximum Dimensions (mm) 47.60 x 27.60
Maximum Thickness (mm) 4.00
Designer Darryl Bellotti 

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