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Warfare 3D Goggles 18D13AAA AUS $ 9.05
US$ 6.46

Product Information

View the Vikings coin will be shipped with a flat-packed pair of 3D viewing goggles which include instructions for simple assembly. Using a smartphone and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology the goggles enable the full 3D view.

Keep the 3D viewing goggles to fully enjoy the scenes of the next releases in the series.

Please note that to view the panoramic artwork an internet connection is required. This complementary feature is available on most smartphones, but may not work on some older models. The Perth Mint cannot guarantee that the any or all of the feature works with or is accessible through your devices or carrier. However, The Perth Mint may be able to assist. If you have problems using the goggles or viewing the 3D artwork please contact our Customer Service team. The Perth Mint will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure the 3D artwork is available to view until 31 December 2019.The Perth Mint’s Terms and Conditions for Using our Websites apply.

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