Greg McDonald 23rd Edition Pocketbook

  • Greg McDonald 23rd Edition Pocketbook

Buy the Australian Coins and Banknotes 23rd Edition Pocketbook by Greg McDonald from The Perth Mint, featuring:

  • Latest Edition
  • Comprehensive Details of Every Australian Issue
  • Guide To Values
  • Mintage Tables
  • Full Colour Quality Images
  • Glossary and Coin Grading Terms


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Greg McDonald 23rd Edition Pocketbook 17B70AAA AUS $ 39.95

Product Information

Whether you are new to coin collecting or a seasoned numismatist, Greg McDonald’s Pocket Guide to Australian Coins and Banknotes will provide you with essential information to help you on your way. Greg McDonald is Australia's foremost numismatic authority and this is the 23rd edition of his Pocket Guide to Australian Coins and Banknotes.

This edition is packed with coloured numismatic images, historical data including metal composition, design variations, mintages and potential retail values. In addition, there is also a glossary of terms, including an explanation of coin grading terms and tips on how to keep your collectables sparkling clean.

Other sections covered in the 23rd edition include:

- Gold, Silver, Bronze, Proof and Uncirculated Australian Coins and Banknotes

- Early colonial coinage

- Australian gold sovereigns and half sovereigns

- Pre-decimal coins

- Decimal coins

- Commemorative and collectable issues

- Updated Stamp and Coin Cover listing

- New Releases from The Perth Mint and Royal Australian Mint

- Proclamation Coins

- Superscribed pre decimal specimen notes


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