Kailis Odyssey Necklace

  • Kailis Odyssey Necklace

Buy the Kailis Odyssey Necklace from The Perth Mint, featuring:

  • Polished 925 Sterling Silver Chain
  • Features a Cabochon cut Black Onyx stone
  • Features a 12-13mm Australian South Sea pearl
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Kailis Odyssey Necklace 16B19BAA AUS $ 709.09
US$ 553.82

Product Information


Odyssey celebrates the beauty of the rarest Pinctada Maxima shells. This necklace is part of a luxury silver and pearl jewellery collection featuring Australian South Sea pearls and contrasting Cabochon cut black onyx semi-precious stones and represents contemporary style and individuality; perfect for modern women who appreciate natural beauty while seeking design that’s timeless with an edgy twist.

The classic yet modern combination of black onyx and pearl complements casual looks with a playful contrast, while the sleek design highlights the taste and sensibility of trendsetting women.

Certificate of Authenticity

The necklace is accompanied by a Kailis Australian Pearls Certificate of Authenticity, an original document to verify the natural virtues of the pearls selected for each individual piece.

Kailis Quality

Kailis Australian Pearls is a Western Australian brand synonymous with premium quality South Sea pearls, each so naturally beautiful they do not require treatment of any kind. Kailis Australian Pearls are grown in the waters of the remote northwest coast of Australia and are hand selected based on the five natural virtues of lustre, shape, size, colour and surface quality.

Only those pearls that satisfy stringent selection criteria are honoured with the Kailis Australian Pearls label.

Stylish Presentation Box

Each item from Kailis Australian Pearls comes in a stylish black presentation box with a soft interior lining.

The Odyssey collection from Kailis tells of the magical journey of the untreated Australian South Sea pearl, Pinctada Maxima. From its home in the pristine waters off the coast of North West Australia to its re-creation as a stunning piece of contemporary, silver jewellery, the Odyssey Collection fires the imagination today while becoming an heirloom of tomorrow.

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