Australian Lunar Series III 12 Coin 2oz Silver Proof Coin

  • Australian Lunar Series III 12 Coin 2oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Australian Lunar Series III 12 Coin 2oz Silver Proof Coin

Introducing our highly-anticipated Lunar Series III subscription, each year you will receive the magnificent lunar 2oz silver proof coin. Featuring;

  • Proof quality 99.99% pure silver
  • Exclusive 2oz sizing
  • Issue limit - 1,000
  • Australian Legal Tender
  • Twelve coin display case FREE with the first release (mouse)
  • Remaining 11 coins in capsules released annually with certificates

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Australian Lunar Series III 12 Coin 2oz Silver Proof Coin   Order Form

Product Information


Running for a second time, the stunning 2oz proof coins from the highly successful and sought-after Australian Lunar Silver Proof Coin Series III can be collected annually together and housed in a limited 12-coin collection.

Each coin is presented in a capsule with a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity, the FREE 12-coin collection presentation case is available with the first coin from the subscription. The remaining coins in this series will be released annually in a capsule with a certificate to add to the collection case.

Each coin is meticulously struck by The Perth Mint from 2oz of 99.99% pure silver in proof quality.

The Perth Mint will release no more than 1,000 of each  2oz Silver Proof Coin for this exclusive 12-coin collection.

FREE Presentation Case

Designed to help customers treasure their Australian Lunar Series III 12-coin collection, this new custom-made case is perfect for those who wish to display their 2oz silver proof coins in style.

Crafted from quality materials, the sleek black case features the Australian Lunar Series III logo. Cushioned by a velveteen pillow and protected by an acrylic lid, the insert provides space to display all 12 coins and the corresponding Certificates of Authenticity.

Release Schedule

Year-date Animal Delivery date*
2020 Mouse In Market
2021 Ox In Market
2022 Tiger December 2021
2023 Rabbit December 2022
2024 Dragon December 2023
2025 Snake December 2024
2026 Horse December 2025
2027 Goat December 2026
2028 Monkey December 2027
2029 Rooster December 2028
2030 Dog December 2029
2031 Pig December 2030

(*The Perth Mint reserves the right to amend scheduled delivery date.)