Nesti Dante Luxury Gold Leaf Soap

  • Nesti Dante Luxury Gold Leaf Soap
  • Special Gold Leaf Soap to mark 60th Anniversary of Nesti Dante
  • Includes 24ct Gold Leaf
  • Limited Edition
  • 250 grams
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Nesti Dante Luxury Gold Leaf Soap 14X08AAA AUS $ 16.36
US$ 12.22

Product Information

The prized Gold Leaf Soap was created to celebrate 60 years of the world's finest soaps by Nesti Dante.

The luxurious 60th Anniversary Gold Leaf Soap is infused with 24ct gold leaf and features the glorious signature fragrance of Noble Iris - the floral emblem of Florence. Nesti Dante soaps are made with love and care.

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