Opal Locket Pendants

  • Opal Locket Pendants
  • Locket Pendant - Bat Opal
  • Locket Pendant - Kangaroo Opal
  • Locket Pendant - Owl Opal
  • Locket Pendant - Possum Opal
  • Locket Pendant - Snake Opal
  • Locket Pendant - Tasmanian Devil Opal
  • Locket Pendant - Wombat Opal

Buy the Opal Locket Pendants from The Perth Mint, featuring:

  • Eye-catching authentic Australian opal etched with an Australian animal design
    • Bat
    • Kangaroo
    • Owl
    • Possum
    • Snake
    • Tasmanian Devil
    • Wombat
  • Great gift idea
  •  * Please note chain is not included



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    Locket Pendant - Bat Opal LOCKETBAT AUS $ 49.00
    Locket Pendant - Kangaroo Opal LOCKETKANG AUS $ 49.00
    Locket Pendant - Owl Opal LOCKETOWL AUS $ 49.00
    Locket Pendant - Possum Opal LOCKETPOSS AUS $ 49.00
    Locket Pendant - Snake Opal LOCKETSNAK AUS $ 49.00
    Locket Pendant - Tasmanian Devil Opal LOCKETTASD AUS $ 49.00
    Locket Pendant - Wombat Opal LOCKETWOM AUS $ 49.00

    Product Information

    Unique Locket Design


    The Perth Mint is pleased to present these eye-catching locket pendants featuring some of Australia’s most iconic wildlife detailed in pure Australian opal, inside a stainless steel circular locket.

    There are seven different locket pendant designs available. Choose from a kangaroo, owl, snake, bat, possum, wombat, or a Tasmanian devil.

    Each stainless steel locket measures 25mm in outer diameter and 6.4mm in thickness.




    Each locket pendant is presented in a white leatherette pouch.