Perth Mint Gold Tote Bag

  • Perth Mint Gold Tote Bag
  • Perth Mint Gold Tote Bag

Buy The Perth Mint – AUTote Bag from The Perth Mint, featuring:

  • Original Perth Mint Design
  • Fashionable White Gloss with Gold Accents
  • Durable PVC
  • AU Metal Design

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Perth Mint Gold Tote Bag 18E14BAA AUS $ 9.05
US$ 6.48

Product Information

Enjoy sophisticated style on the go with this fashion tote bag in white glossy PVC and a gold-coloured finish.

The vertical bag’s design is a stylish representation of gold’s place on the periodic table of elements with Au, its symbol, as well as its number on the periodic table, 79, and atomic mass 196.967. 

Each bag is 30cm long by 40cm high with a removable base plate and gold-coloured gussets.

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