Pink Panther


Fancy a pink diamond ingot with a groovy twist?



Pink Panther 2018 1oz Pink Gold Pink Diamond Ingot   |   PRICED AT AUD 6,990.00 EACH

Pink Panther 2018 1oz Platinum Pink Diamond Ingot   |   PRICED AT AUD 13,990.00 EACH

Pink Panther 2018 10oz Pink Gold Pink Diamond Ingot   |   PRICED AT AUD 58,000.00 EACH  

Precious elements and delightfully playful artistry combine as the one and only Pink Panther makes his debut in stunning platinum and pink gold on these fabulous limited edition ingots.

The hugely popular character from the classic Pink Panther movies and cartoons is portrayed on the front of each ingot as he is about to pluck a stunning Argyle pink diamond from its display.

The tail of the slinky prankster wraps around to appear on the other side of the ingot where a second rare pink diamond has been handset amid Pink Panther motifs in the form of a star burst and a trail of paw prints.

With an extremely limited mintage of 300 of the 1oz pink gold ingots priced at $6,990 each, 35 of the platinum ingots priced at $13,990 each, and only eight of the exclusive 10oz pink gold ingots priced at $58,000. These limited edition ingots are set to be as coveted as the jewel pursued by villains and protected by the bumbling Inspector Clouseau in the famous films.

Each ingot is encased in a large, transparent diamond shaped display which comes in a luxury black presentation case for putting the ingot on show – if you dare!

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THE PINK PANTHER TM & © 1964-2017 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. 


Technical Specifications

10oz Pink Gold 1oz Platinum 1oz Pink Gold
Argyle Pink Diamonds (Carat)  Reverse: 0.10-0.11
Obverse: 0.05*
 0.08*  0.08*
Diamond Clarity  (See individual Certificate)  SIAV  SIAV
Diamond Quality

 Fancy Intense to Vivid Purplish

 Fancy Intense/Vivid Purplish
 Fancy Pink/Fancy Purplish
Argyle Certificate Grading  4PP  N/A  N/A
Pink Gold (Troy oz)  10**  1  1**
Fineness (% purity)  91.67  99.95  91.67
Minimum Gross Weight (g)  311.066  31.104  31.104
Maximum Dimensions (mm)  58.60 x 37.60  41.60 x 24.60  41.60 x 24.60 
Maximum Thickness (mm)  10.24  4.00  4.00
Maximum Mintage 300  8  35  300

 *Approximate carat weight    
**Pink gold includes 8.33% copper