Silken Twine Bottle Brush Scarf

  • Silken Twine Bottle Brush Scarf
  • Silken Twine Bottle Brush Scarf
  • Silken Twine Bottle Brush Scarf
  • Silken Twine Bottle Brush Scarf

Buy a Silken Twine Bottle Brush Scarf from The Perth Mint featuring:

  • Hand painted watercolour artwork of native Australian bottle brush
  • Designed by Western Australian artist Shelley Barton
  • Organic styled packaging 
  • Perfect gift idea
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Product Information


Shelley Barton’s stunning handcrafted scarf designs are a stylish way to take a piece of Australia with you wherever you go. The original designs are inspired by the uniquely beautiful native flora found near her home on Australia’s southwest coast. Based in Bunbury, Barton creates watercolour paintings then transfers these on to soft, silk like feel fabric at her home studio.

Add a splash of colour with this scarf featuring Australia’s much-loved red bottlebrush on a white background. The bottlebrush is one of Australia’s most distinctive and native flowers. It is also one of the most popular both with gardeners as well as a range of birds and insects, which rely on them for nectar.


Each scarf comes carefully packaged in a gift box, wrapped with paper raffia and with a small information card.

Size Each scarf is approximately 147cm long and 24 cm wide, however lengths can vary slightly as they are not mass produced.
Duty of care

Lightweight and easy to care for, the scarves can be washed in cold water.

Material 100% Polyester