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  • Uberkate Collection
  • Uberkate Collection
  • Uberkate Collection
  • Uberkate Collection
  • Uberkate Collection
  • Uberkate Collection

Uberkate offers timeless, quality, handcrafted jewellery made in Australia which can be customised with your own handwritten messages. Using your own words or hand drawn images, Uberkate will inscribe an everlasting message of love for your loved one onto a stunning piece of jewellery. Customize and generic options available. The Perth Mint is the exclusive stockist in Perth, visit us to view the full range on offer. 

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Product Information


Suitable for Every Occasion


Product Detail Specifications

Item Code  Price AUS$ Description    Design
 SVUB0060   360.00

Small & Large Infinity Necklace

Two unique figure of eight pendants made from one continuous piece of sterling silver. The small pendant measures approximately 15mm wide by 18mm high and the large pendant measures approximately 25mm by 33mm. Includes 45cm sterling silver curb chain

 SVUB0141   395.00

Forever & Always Bangle

A large circular solid sterling silver bangle. This bangle is available in three series:

S - 19cm circumference or 6cm diameter.

M - 20-21cm circumference or 6.5cm diameter.

L - 21+cm

 PMGPDGRY    495.00 Three Ubercircles Pendant

Three interlinked engraved sterling silver circles engraved with the words "Love, Happiness, Family", measuring 2.5cm in diameter. Includes 45cm sterling silver curb chain.

 SVUBEX01   565.00

Expression Cuff Wide

A flat engraved wrist cuff that is easily adjusted. It has the ability to fit wedding vows, personal letters and signatures. It measures at 2cm wide x 1.5mm thick.

 SVUB0132   790.00

Family Connection Bangles

Two large circular bangles joined by a small Ubercircle. The solid sterling silver bangles are all custom made and arrive highly polished.

This bangle is available in three series:

S - 19cm circumference or 6cm diameter

M - 20-21cm circumference or 6.5cm diameter

L - 21+cm circumference or 7+cm diameter


Contact Information

These products are available for purchase at The Perth Mint Shop. If you would like make any further enquiries please contact the Shop on 94217376 or shop@perthmint.com.au. They will be able to provide an Order Forms for any pieces that require customization.

Kate launched her signature piece, the Ubercircle in 2004. Since then Uberkate has gone on to achieve incredible success, making jewellery for thousands of people all over the world. Kate is a big believer in wearing jewellery that means something. Her pieces embrace the importance of relationships and she continues to use this philosophy as key inspiration in her work.