Warfare 3 Coin Collector Pack

  • Warfare 3 Coin Collector Pack
  • Warfare 3 Coin Collector Pack
  • Warfare 3 Coin Collector Pack
  • Warfare 3 Coin Collector Pack
  • Warfare 3 Coin Collector Pack
  • Warfare 3 Coin Collector Pack

All three coins in the series now available! Buy the Warfare 3-coin collector pack and receive the 3D goggles free!  

  • 2oz 99.99% pure silver
  • Intricate high relief designs with antique finish
  • Individual coin mintage – 2,000
  • Numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Presentation packaging
  • Includes access to three stunning three-dimensional 360˚ panoramic battle scenes.

Buy today and receive the 3D goggles free!

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Warfare 3 Coin Collector Pack WARBUNDLE AUS $ 429.55
US$ 327.56

Product Information


The stunning coins in the Warfare series depict three of histories most legendary combative forces. Each coin captures an intricate battle scene portraying the Roman Legion, Vikings and Hussars. To enhance the details in the design, the coins have an antique finish that gives the appearance of an aged artefact.

Immerse yourself in a 360˚ three-dimensional full colour view of the battle scene portrayed on the coins by using the viewing goggle provided free of charge with this bundle.

Free Viewing Goggles

This bundle will be shipped with a flat-packed pair of 3D viewing goggles which include instructions for simple assembly. Using a smartphone and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology the goggles enable the full 3D view.

Please note that to view the panoramic artwork an internet connection is required.This complementary feature is available on most smartphones, but may not work on some older models. The Perth Mint cannot guarantee that the any or all of the feature works with or is accessible through your devices or carrier. However, The Perth Mint may be able to assist. If you have problems using the goggles or viewing the 3D artwork please contact our Customer Service team. The Perth Mint will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure the 3D artwork is available to view until 31 December 2019.The Perth Mint’s Terms and Conditions for Using our Websites apply.

Three Detailed Battle Designs

Roman legion  

This intricately crafted coin portrays in extraordinary detail the armour and weaponry of ancient Roman warfare. Depicted in great detail is a group of Roman legionaries in fierce combat with Gallic opponents, with two cavalrymen, an elephant and an eagle in the background. 


The reverse of the coin features Viking warriors charging maniacally through the water. Each warrior is seen roaring fiercely towards the viewer to terrify their victims, with their armour and weaponry depicted in extraordinary detail.


The reverse of the coin features the feared and flamboyant Hussars in the heat of battle. The legendary warriors fought for competing European nations during the 18th and 19th centuries. They are particularly remembered for their role during the Napoleonic Wars of 1803 to 1815. Hussars were famous for their richly embellished uniforms which are portrayed on the coin and in the panoramic full colour artwork available. 

Presentation Packaging and Numbered Certificate

Each coin is housed in a classic presentation case within a themed shipper and is accompanied by a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


Technical Specifications

  Each Individual Coin
Year Date 2018
Silver Content (Troy oz) 2
Monetary Denomination (TVD)
Fineness (% purity) 99.99
Minimum Gross Weight (g) 62.213
Maximum Diameter (mm) 40.60
Maximum Thickness (mm) 6.42
Maximum Mintage 2,000 
Coin Finish Antiqued
Legal Tender Tuvalu Legal Tender
Effigy Ian Rank-Broadley design of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Designer Lucas Bowers

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