Searching for Gold with Mark Bouris

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Friday 26 March 2021


Searching for gold with Mark Bouris


Gold, the precious investment that has safely stood the test of time, remains a mystery to many Australians. Just ask Mark Bouris, one of Australia’s best known and most successful entrepreneurs and mentors.

“Gold – we all know what it looks like, we adore it, we want it, we wear it and we see it everywhere. But how do we invest in gold,” asks Mr Bouris to kick of an exclusive joint venture with The Perth Mint focusing on the questions everyday Australians have about this precious metal.

The Perth Mint is delighted to partner with Mr Bouris to demystify the world of gold investing in this ground-breaking new series – that invites questions from the public. And who better to lead the public’s quest for answers about gold’s evergreen investment credentials than someone like Mr Bouris, who has made a career out of keeping his fingers on the pulse of the world of investing – but never dabbled in gold.

“When I decided to focus on my investments, I realised that gold was something I hadn’t considered and didn’t know much about. For example, I didn’t even know where to buy it. And who from? And is it in fact a smart investment choice,” Mr Bouris said.

“It’s left me curious. And I imagine many other potential gold investors are curious, too – which is why I want them to join me on my own gold journey as I search for answers about gold and its important role in sustainable wealth creation.”

Using The Perth Mint’s industry leading position in gold and Mr Bouris’ profile, Australians will have the opportunity to delve into the world of gold investing – including the keys of why, how and where – that is set to produce some astounding answers to some fascinating questions.

“The fundamentals for an investment in gold have probably never been stronger,” The Perth Mint’s investment manager Jordan Eliseo said.

“Even though the gold price has had a pullback in Q1 of this year, the fundamentals for an investment in precious metals have never been stronger. There are multiple tailwinds supporting an investment into gold, including heightened economic uncertainty, low interest rates, and volatile financial markets, none of which show any signs of abating soon.

“Yet our research shows that only 2 per cent of all Australians have a direct investment in gold. So clearly this age-old investment opportunity retains more than a bit of mystique for most”.

“So who better than someone like Mark Bouris, with his unmatched pedigree as a successful and inquisitive investor, to lead the public on its search for the answer to the question ‘why invest in gold’.”

Over the course of six months, Mr Bouris and Mr Eliseo will embark on a journey to answer the questions ordinary Australians have about gold and its investment potential.

“And at the end of the journey, Mark might just join thousands of Australians who realise that gold should be part of their balanced investment portfolio,” Mr Eliseo said.

The general public can join Mr Bouris’ gold journey by posting questions under the campaign video on his LinkedIn platform, then follow as their questions are answered at

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