The Perth Mint’s activities comprise precious metal refining and the global distribution of products, largely being gold bars, together with the manufacture, import and wholesaling of industrial products and cast bars.

 1899 We were established as a branch of the Royal Mint in London, to refine gold from Western Australia's newly discovered eastern gold fields and strike gold sovereign coinage for use throughout the Empire.
 1970 Our ownership was transferred to the Government of Western Australia, who created parent company Gold Corporation to manage operations and expand activities interstate and internationally.
 1998 The Western Australian Mint and Golden West Refineries established the Australian Gold Refineries (AGR) Joint Venture, which assumed all refining and precious metals manufacturing operations, while we retained precious metal minting, our depository, retail and other activities under the overall ownership of Gold Corporation.
 2001 Golden West Refineries sold its half share in AGR Joint Venture to Australian Gold Alliance Pty Ltd, an indirectly owned subsidiary of USA-based Newmont Limited.
 2002 AGR Joint Venture acquired two jewellery wholesalers, Australian Art Imports Pty Ltd and Atlantis Chain (Aust.) Pty Ltd, and the partnership was enlarged to include the Australian and New Zealand operations of Johnson Matthey. A new partnership, AGR Matthey, was created.
 2010 The AGR Matthey partnership was dissolved and full ownership returned to The Perth Mint.