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Our Objective

While The Perth Mint is a provider of precious metal investment products and believes that they have a role in investor portfolios in uncertain times, we acknowledge that at some point it will be appropriate to reduce significantly an allocation to, or exit from, precious metals. As a result, the objective of Perth Mint Research is to help you decide:

  • if precious metals are suitable for you;
  • how much of your portfolio to allocate to precious metals;
  • when to rebalance your portfolio; and
  • when to exit your investment.

We will do this by providing you with:

  • information on precious metal prices and other market data and events;
  • explanation and analysis of that information; and
  • education on the precious metal markets.

We will strive to provide you with balanced analysis and commentary because we assume that you:

  • are not looking for someone to “sell” you precious metals;
  • want to make informed decisions by considering for and against arguments; and
  • don’t need constant reassurance you made the right decision.

Unfortunately most of the content on the internet in respect of precious metals is best described as tabloid, mixing legitimate reasons for investing with more dubious rationales, sensational headlines, conspiracy and appeals to fear and greed.

We hope you will find Perth Mint Research trusted source of reliable information and explanation in this sea of one-sided “sales” content.


Bron Suchecki

In his role as Manager, Analysis and Strategy, Bron supports the marketing of The Perth Mint’s investment products, corporate planning and business development through research and strategic analysis of the precious metal markets. He has held a number of roles since joining the Mint in 1994 across its retail, treasury, depository, and risk divisions including Governance and Risk Manager and Company Secretary. For more information, see Bron’s LinkedIn profile.

Bron is active on a number of discussion forums and blogs. A list of his legitimate “identities” can be found below – any others should be considered imposters.

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Nigel Moffatt

Nigel Moffatt joined The Perth Mint in 1987 as Treasurer, a position he continues to hold today. He is also Manager of the Perth Mint Depository division.