Scheduled Maintenance

The Perth Mint will be conducting planned routine system maintenance from 5pm AWST (GMT+8) Friday 30 October to approximately 8am AWST 2 November. During this outage window, the below services will not be available.

Services affected Estimated interruption period* Details
Depository Online (DOL) 5pm 30 Oct – 8am 2 November Full outage, access and services unavailable
GoldPass 5pm 30 Oct – 8am 2 November Login accessible, trading and associated services unavailable
Bullion website 5pm 30 Oct – 8am 2 November Full outage, access and services unavailable
Perth Mint Depository Distributor Online (PMDDO) 5pm 30 Oct – 8am 2 November Full outage, access and services unavailable
Collector website 5pm 30 Oct – 8am 2 November Full outage, access and services unavailable

*Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)

All accounts, personal data and precious metal holdings will remain secure and unaffected during this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.

For further information please contact us via the below channels.

Customer call centre

Collectables and bullion

1800 098 817 (Australia)

+61 8 9421 7218 (International)


Perth Mint Depository

DOL, PMDDO and GoldPass

+61 8 9421 7250



Please see a list of frequently asked questions below providing further details of how you may be affected.

Why will the websites and systems be down? Is my account and information safe?

We are undertaking planned and scheduled maintenance to our existing systems including, and associated services and blogs. Depository Online (DOL), Perth Mint Depository Distributor Online (PMDDO), the GoldPass digital app, bullion online and collector coin accounts will be unactionable during this period.

We have endeavoured to reduce the impact on clients as much as possible and apologise for any inconvenience that this outage may cause.

There will be no impact to existing accounts, orders or balances and your information will remain secure.


When will the website be back up?

The maintenance work is expected to take approximately two days. We anticipate the website(s) to be fully operational by 8am (AWST) Monday 2 November.


I’m a Depository Online (DOL) customer. Can I access my account and buy or sell gold?

Unfortunately, all online systems will be down during the maintenance window. As such, DOL customers will have no visibility of their accounts and holdings and will be unable to trade. This includes buy/sell trades, limit orders, fund deposits or withdrawals, and freight and collection requests.

We apologise for any inconvenience. Please be assured your data and investments remain secure. Please see additional FAQs related to DOL in the dedicated section below.


I’m a GoldPass customer. What does it mean for me?

The GoldPass app will be accessible via your smartphone, meaning you may login to your account. However any trades will be unavailable, including buy/sell, fund deposit or withdrawals, sharing of metal and requests to redeem physical. In addition, Australian customers with a PMGT wallet will be unable to convert their holdings to GoldPass certificates.

Please see additional FAQs related to GoldPass in the dedicated section below.


I want to buy bullion for home delivery.

All websites including will be unavailable during the maintenance period. This includes the purchase and sale of bullion. Accounts will be wholly inaccessible.

We apologise for any inconvenience. Please be assured your data and investments remain secure.


If I have items in my cart when the website goes down, will those items be in the cart when the system comes back online?

The cart information should be accessible once the system is back online.


Can I call/email you while the website is down?

Our customer call centre will be open over the weekend from 8.30am to 5pm AWST Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to speak to someone urgently, please call 1800 098 817 / +61 8 9421 7218.

Please note that our customer service officers will not have visibility of your accounts and will be unable to confirm the status of existing orders.

The phones will be manned as usual from 8.30am AWST on Monday 2 November by which time the website is expected to be fully functional.

Our Customer Service team will be happy to reply to an email enquiry on Monday 2 November. Please send your query to

If you have a question relating to Depository Online (DOL), Perth Mint Depository Distributor Online (PMDDO) or GoldPass, our Depository team will respond to any email queries at or on Monday 2 November.


Will my bookmarks work during the maintenance period?

Your existing bookmarks to our website will take you to a temporary notice page during the maintenance window. Once the work is complete your bookmarks will work as usual.


Can I subscribe to your emails over the maintenance weekend?

Please email us at and we will subscribe you when our systems are live again.


What if I need to change my address/reset my password/register an account during the maintenance period?

No accounts may be accessed during the maintenance period. Full account functionality including setting up an account, updating details of your account and resetting passwords will resume from 8am AWST Monday 2 November.


If the website is down, how can I find a distributor near me?

We have an extensive list of distributors which will be accessible from 8am AWST on Monday 2 November. An internet search should provide you with the information you need if this resource is unavailable.


This is the first I’ve heard about the shutdown.

The Perth Mint has communicated the shutdown ahead of time via notices on its websites, a dedicated notice page, several email communications and via its social media channels.

If you are an existing account holder and have not received an email, please check your spam folder or confirm your address with us to ensure we have the most up-to-date contact information moving forward.


What are your usual opening hours?

Our usual opening hours are listed below in AWST:


8am–5pm Monday to Friday

Call centre

8.30am–5pm Monday to Friday

Shop and Exhibition

9am–5pm Monday to Friday


Depository Online (DOL)/GoldPass FAQs


Is this shutdown allowed? Are you allowed to shut me out of my account?

As per our terms and conditions for DOL, we are authorised to carry out maintenance at any time. While we aim to undertake such work outside of trading hours, this cannot be guaranteed and is at times unavoidable.

Our DOL terms and conditions state:


We aim to ensure that the Depository Online system remains accessible and available to you during trading hours but cannot give any guarantee in that regard. Maintenance will generally be planned and carried out outside of trading hours. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary to carry out maintenance, repairs or other activities during trading hours. You are aware and you agree that in the event of a planned and announced interruption of our services, your outstanding order/orders remain/remains in force after our services have been resumed. Any order/orders will be filled by us at the first available opportunity and you accept full responsibility for any losses or damage. We will not be liable for any losses or damage resulting from any planned or unplanned interruptions of our services.

GoldPass terms and conditions are reproduced below:

(c) We do not warrant that You will have continuous access to the Website, App or System. We will not be liable in the event that the Website or App or the full functionality of the System is unavailable to You or due to computer downtime attributable to malfunctions, upgrades, preventative or remedial maintenance activities or interruption in telecommunications supply


What if the gold or silver price changes and this shutdown effects the value of my investment?

As per our terms and conditions above, The Perth Mint can accept no liability for any adverse effect on a client’s investment due to this scheduled shutdown.


What if I am in the middle of a buy/sell transaction when the system goes down?

Your transaction may not be completed in this instance. You will likely be required to re-enter the transaction details once the system comes back online at the then-current spot price.


What happens if I make a funds transfer on Friday 30 October?

Fund transfers completed immediately prior to 5pm on Friday 30 October may experience a delay of up to two working days.