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Perth Mint Certificate Program

The Perth Mint Certificate Program allows you to buy and sell precious metal through a global network of independent Distributors. Customers receive a Certificate issued by The Perth Mint detailing the amount and type of precious metal held. The Certificate Program suits customers who prefer the convenience of dealing with a local firm who can help facilitate the account opening and buy and sell transaction processes.

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About the Certificate Program

The Perth Mint's Certificate Program is designed to allow you to buy and sell gold, silver and platinum in unallocated, pool allocated and allocated form via a local firm but with the security of a direct legal relationship with The Perth Mint.

Many precious metal investors would prefer to hold their metal offshore but are dissuaded by the process of dealing with a business in a different time zone and the need to remit funds offshore. With the Certificate Program you can choose from a select group of Distributors who can help you with the account opening process, the wiring of funds offshore and any associated foreign currency conversions (if required), as well execution of purchase and sale transactions.

The key advantage of the Certificate Program is that once the transaction has been executed, The Perth Mint issues a uniquely numbered Precious Metal Certificate printed on high security paper directly in your name, confirming your legal title to (and the Mint's liability for the safe storage of) a specific amount of precious metal gold that you own and that is stored on your behalf by us. We will not subsequently liquidate your metal until we physically receive the originally issued Certificate for verification, providing you with the reassurance that as long as you hold the Certificate, your precious metal is safe from unauthorised sale or collection.

Further information on our Certificate Program can be found in our FAQ/Help section including details of the various storage options (unallocated, pool allocated and allocated) available and the Government Guarantee that applies to your Certificate. Alternatively, you can download the Certificate Program Product Information Statement.

Opening a Certificate Program account

To open an account, please contact your preferred Distributor who can guide you through the application form and identity documentation required. If you wish to review the Terms & Conditions before contacting one of our Distributors, please download the Certificate Program Product Information Statement.

Please note that The Perth Mint is required under Australian know your customer laws to properly identify its clients. OurGuide to the Documentation Required to open a Certificate Program account details what identity documents are acceptable and certification procedures. Your preferred Distributor will be able to help you with the identification process.

You can also download our Guide to Metal Delivery and Collection should you wish in the future to collect your precious metals personally or have it delivered to you.