Questions about Certificate Program

What is a Perth Mint Certificate?

A Perth Mint Certificate is a non-negotiable warehouse receipt acknowledging your title to precious metals stored on an Allocated, Pool Allocated or Unallocated basis with The Perth Mint. The document is registered to the owner, and it is referenced by client name and Certificate number. Perth Mint's records additionally reference a client number to ensure confidentiality and security.

Are Perth Mint Certificates a security?

We specifically structured the Certificate Program so that Perth Mint Certificates would not be a bearer instrument and thus not be deemed a security or financial instrument in most jurisdictions, averting burdensom regulatory and reporting requirements.

Are Perth Mint Certificates reportable?

As a Perth Mint Certificate is a warehouse receipt evidencing title to metal held with The Perth Mint, many jurisdictions consider it an "account". Where such jurisdictions require the reporting of precious metals accounts, you may therefore need to report your holdings. Our Distributors may be able to help you with advice specific to your country, or provide referrals to an appropriately qualified tax professional.

The Perth Mint does not recognise requests for information on customer accounts from Australian organisations without any statutory right to request such information, or from any foreign organisation or agency. See our Privacy and Reporting FAQ for more information.

How do I purchase Perth Mint Certificates?

The Perth Mint Certificate is made available to investors exclusively through a network of select Distributors.

Are there set Perth Mint Certificate sizes?

No, the Certificate Program is entirely flexible, allowing you to tailor your precious metals storage to whatever amount suits your individual need. You can purchase any quantity of Allocated bars or coins on a certificate and in the case of Pool Allocated or Unallocated, you can hold ounces down the three decimal places.

How do I know The Perth Mint holds the metal behind a Certificate?

The Certificate Program legal agreement requires The Perth Mint to back its liabilities to customers 100%. See our Storage Options FAQ for further details of our committments to safe storage of your precious metal.

Certificate Program customers can be reassured that The Perth Mint operates under a level of oversight far above that which applies to private or public companies. See our Corporate Governance FAQ for further information. See our Corporate Governance FAQ for further information.

What are the fees associated with the purchase of a Perth Mint Certificate?

In addition to the purchase of the precious metals and payment of any fabrication charges, there is a $50.00 certificate fee regardless of the size of the certificate. See our Pricing page for more details. The only other fee is the Distributor's commission.

How difficult is the Perth Mint Certificate to liquidate?

The Perth Mint Certificate is extremely easy to liquidate. You can simply sell the Certificate back through any Distributor. Alternatively, you can take physical delivery at The Perth Mint or arrange for physical delivery to you.

Can I liquidate a portion of the Perth Mint Certificate?

You can surrender any portion of the Certificate, as long as you continue to meet the account minimum. With payment of an additional Certificate fee, a new Certificate will be issued for the remainder of your precious metals in storage.

What if I lose my Perth Mint Certificate, or it gets destroyed?

Certificates are replaced by filing a Lost Certificate Declaration Form and paying a re-issuance fee.

Can I view and audit my metal?

It is essential to make a booking for your viewing. In addition to other customers collecting or viewing their allocated holdings, as a working Mint, other staff and services have access to the viewing areas. For security, only one viewing may take place at any given time.

If you are running late, please call our office on +61 8 9421 7250 to advise. Missed appointments will be rescheduled and this may be a day or so later.

As you are visiting The Perth Mint, compliance with our security protocols are mandatory. This includes:

  • Due to the necessity for appointment times, we require at least 3 business days’ notice for a viewing.
  • Viewings of large metal holding will require more notice.
  • You must inform us of the names of all persons attending the viewing with you prior to the day of your appointment. If we do not have the ID of all persons on file, this documentation will need to be faxed or scanned.
  • All persons attending The Perth Mint must bring valid photo and signature ID with them.
  • Persons without ID, or those for whom we have not received prior notification of their attendance, will not be allowed entrance to the collection areas. This includes children.
  • Photographs are not permitted.
  • Customers are unable to view unallocated or pool allocated metal.

The Perth Mint runs regular stock takes in order to meet our audit requirements. During this time a ‘lock down’ policy on all physical metal is adopted. This means that over the stock take period, metal cannot be viewed, shipped or collected. Stock take is typically carried out at the end of the following months:

  • May
  • November