Monitoring your Depository Online orders

My order has the status "Open", what does it mean?

When your order has the status open we have received your order successfully. With a normal market order within trading hours the order will be picked up and processed immediately but there are a few cases where you order stays open:

  1. limit orders
  2. orders entered out of trading hours
  3. orders entered on a public holiday

Limit orders will stay open until executed, cancelled or expired and other orders will stay open until trading resumes. Open orders can still be cancelled.

My order has the status "Completed", what does it mean?

It means that the order is in the process of being executed in our systems and the price at which the order is executed has been determined and locked in.

My order has the status "Processed", what does it mean?

It means that we have credited/debited the precious metal into/from your account and the value of the order has be debited/credited from/to your cash balance. At this point the transaction is settled.

My order has the status "Cancelled", what does it mean?

A order will have a cancelled status when you cancelled an open order or a limit order has expired.

Do you automatically send me money from a sale?

No, money from selling precious metal is always credited to your Depository Online account. You must give us separate instructions if you want the proceeds transferred to your external bank account, which you do through the Cash Withdrawl left menubar.

Where can I download my account statement or order invoices?

The Statement left menubar lists the transactions on your account. At the top of the listing will be a "download this statement" pdf icon/link. Historical statements will always be visible in your account so there is no need to print statements for your records.

To download order invoices, select the month and year from the drop down box in the top right corner of when the order was executed. In the statement listing you will see a "download invoice" pdf icon/link for each order listed.