Searching for gold information

Searching for gold – Episode 1 - Simplicity

Entrepreneur and Investor (Yellow Brick Road) Mark Bouris asks The Perth Mint’s Manager, Listed Products and Investment Research, Jordan Eliseo how he should start the process of gold investment and whether is it hard to understand?

Mark Bouris

This is a perfect place to start as someone who’s done some investing already. I’m curious to know if gold was a similar process or completely different. So, let’s find out. I decided to get in touch with Jordan from Perth Mint to get some answers

Jordan explained that the first choice when starting to invest in gold, is whether you want to actually hold a physical gold yourself or invest via the stock market.

If you already trade in the ASX then the simplest way to invest in gold is to buy Perth Mint gold which trades under the ticker PMGOLD, which you can access by your stockbroker or online trading account.

Today’s takeout is understanding gold is simple with Perth Mint. You are able to buy PMGOLD through the ASX.

To learn more about PMGOLD click here.

Searching for gold – Episode 2 - Accessibility

Entrepreneur and Investor (Yellow Brick Road) Mark Bouris asks The Perth Mint’s Manager, Listed Products and Investment Research, Jordan Eliseo how much money is needed to invest in gold?


So, our first question today is, do I need lots of money to invest in gold. This is a good question. Investing can often see daunting and a big cost commitment. So, let’s find out.


Gold is actually really accessible for all kinds of investors. You don’t need a huge amount of money. You can start with as little as AUD 50 and one of the easiest ways to do that is by using a gold savings app like a GoldPass, which the Perth Mint offers.


After talking to Jordan, I downloaded the GoldPass and looked into what it had to offer. The app allows investors to buy and sell gold which the Perth Mint stores on their behalf. At any time, investors can redeem their holdings and the Perth Mint will deliver the physical gold to them.

Today’s takeout is, investing in gold can be as simple as an online purchase and very accessible.

To learn more about GoldPass click here.

Searching for Gold - Episode 3 - Safety

Entrepreneur and Investor (Yellow Brick Road) Mark Bouris asks The Perth Mint’s Manager, Listed Products and Investment Research, Jordan Eliseo about the safety of gold as an investment.


Our audience’s question today is: Is gold a relatively safe investment? The tactile aspect of gold is something that raises a few questions for me too. Safety is so important, especially if you’re not buying gold to keep stored in your own possession.

I am curious to know more about where it’s kept, how it’s protected and how it’s accessed by investors. Let’s find out.


Yes, the Perth Mint is owned by the Government of Western Australia and as part of that we have an explicit government guarantee that underpins the Perth Mint Depository. And that, coupled with our long history, is what gives our full range of clients from individuals all the way up to huge superfunds the comfort to store precious metals with The Perth Mint.


Although, it was great to know you can physically have gold in your hands. It was important to discover you can safely store it with The Perth Mint Depository.

Jordan explained to me I can even visit my investment and see my gold if I choose.

Today’s takeaway- safety is key when you invest with The Perth Mint. You know your gold is safe and with a unique government guarantee providing extra peace of mind to investors.

To learn more about The Perth Mints Depository click here.

Searching for Gold - Episode 4 - Enduring wealth

Entrepreneur and Investor (Yellow Brick Road) Mark Bouris asks The Perth Mint’s Manager, Listed Products and Investment Research, Jordan Eliseo whether gold is more profitable than other investments


Today’s question is what makes investing in gold any more profitable than other investments. Of course, this is so valid because at the end of the day we choose to invest so we ultimately make a profit.

For me, I’m curious to know what the long run returns of gold have been and how they stack-up against other assets. So, let’s find out more.

After speaking with Jordan and doing some research of my own, it was reassuring to see that historically gold is delivered solid with long-term returns and has held its value through political upheaval and economic downturn.

He said gold is actually a really good way of growing wealth over the long run.

Gold is also highly liquid which means it’s easy to trade and convert into cash through various options offered by The Perth Mint. You can buy and sell gold online with 24/7 access.

So, today’s takeout is not only has gold increased in value over the long run but, importantly, it can act as insurance against inflation and periods of financial instability, which means gold can be a worthwhile asset to hold as part of your portfolio.

To learn more about investing with The Perth Mint click here.

Searching for Gold - Episode 5 - The journey

Entrepreneur and Investor (Yellow Brick Road) Mark Bouris reflects on his gold investment journey and what he’s learnt about The Perth Mint from Manager, Listed Products and Investment Research, Jordan Eliseo.


We’ve reached the end of my search for gold. So, let’s take a look back at all the things I’ve learned and those key take-outs of information.

Jordan explained how simple gold is to understand and that I can purchase Perth Mint gold either via the ASX or from The Perth Mint directly.

I discovered how easy gold investment is with the use of The Perth Mint site and their online trading app – GoldPass. I learned about The Perth Mint’s depository for keeping investments safe and the government guarantee which provides extra peace of mind.

We discovered that not only has gold increase in value over time but it can act as an insurance policy against inflation and period of financial instability protecting your portfolio in times of uncertainty.

Thanks for joining me on my gold investment journey. And to begin yours, make sure you visit Good luck to you.