Should you consider investing in gold?

For today’s savvy investors, it seems that gold is shining brighter than ever. Here’s some reasons why:

Long-term returns: In the last 15 years, gold prices have risen 9%pa, outshining the Australian Share Market.*

Low interest rates: In environments where interest rates are low, the gold price has delivered annual average increases of over 20%.**

Inflation hedge: Gold can be used to hedge against inflation by helping to protect investor purchasing power medium to long-term.

Risk hedge: In periods of financial stress, gold can be used as a simple and effective hedge against a market, geopolitical and event risk.

Currency: Gold provides currency diversification for Australian investors, and benefits from any fall in value of the Australian dollar.

Your investment options:

Amid the many choices available to today's investors, there remains a compelling case for holding precious metals within a diversified portfolio.

  • Buy & store

    Depository Online is the only government guaranteed investment and storage program in the world, enabling 24/7 trading of precious metals with safe storage in the Mint's high security vaults.

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  • ASX traded PMGOLD

    Invest in Perth Mint Gold (ASX: PMGOLD) via your stockbroker. PMGOLD tracks the international spot price of gold in Australian dollars

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  • GoldPass trading app

    Securely buy, sell, transfer peer-to-peer and store physical gold via digital certificates at the touch of a screen with GoldPass smartphone app.

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  • Buy bullion online

    With The Perth Mint Bullion website, investors can purchase gold and silver bullion coins and bars with secure delivery to suit both Australian and international customers.

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Why The Perth Mint?

The world’s only government guaranteed investment and storage program, The Perth Mint has offered investors precious metal storage and investment options for more than 100 years.

Complemented by Western Australia’s safe geo-political location and environment, The Perth Mint is one of the world’s most trusted suppliers of precious metal investment products.

Our diverse operations are bound by strict prudential management guidelines and policies, to ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, and Australian codes of practice.


*Long-term returns based on 15 year performance to end December 2019.
**Based on research by The Perth Mint analysing investment returns from 1971 to 2019.

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