Why invest with gold?

Grow your wealth Perth Mint

Grow your wealth with gold

For centuries gold has been a symbol of power, prestige and wealth. It continues to hold value in today’s financial marketplace and may act as insurance against inflation and periods of financial instability. Historically it has performed well in uncertain times, and is considered one of the safest, smartest ways to invest and build your wealth over time.

Perth Mint Wealth in Gold

Natural resource

Gold is a rare precious metal that has been valued by humans for thousands of years for both its beauty and its monetary status. To this day investors ranging from individuals to institutional portfolio managers, sovereign wealth funds and central banks hold the metal as a trusted store of wealth.

High growth with low risk Perth Mint

Trusted safe haven

Gold offers unwavering stability as an asset that has historically held its value through political upheaval and economic downturn. It often performs well when other assets become volatile, helping to balance your portfolio.

Smarter way to save with The Perth Mint

A smarter way to save

Given that the asset has endured centuries of consistency and growing demand, gold has been an effective strategy to grow wealth and build an investment portfolio. Easily tradable in smaller amounts and installments, gold can be incorporated effortlessly into your savings plan.


Three biggest myths about investing in gold

From the purchase of gold to how effective it is as an investment, here are some of the widespread misconceptions about the precious metal and why they're inaccurate.

Investing in gold is hard to understand Perth Mint

Investing in gold is hard to understand

Unlike other investment options, gold is simple. It doesn’t take complex understanding, insider knowledge, intuition or imagination to understand its worth or see its beauty. Gold has always been valuable – whether worn as jewellery or stored as lasting wealth.

Difficult to buy store and sell gold perth mint

It's difficult to buy, store and sell gold

Gold is highly liquid, which means it’s easy to trade and convert into cash. Through various options offered by The Perth Mint, you can buy and sell gold 100% online with 24/7 access to the marketplace.

Gold is stagnant myth perth mint

Gold is stagnant and doesn't generate income

Gold has been a reliable investment with a track record of generating long-term returns. The precious metal has risen by an average 9% per annum in the past 15 years – that’s a total growth of 264%. Gold tends to outperform in low interest rate environments, helping balance your portfolio and keep your money secure in uncertain times.

An experts view

Hear from our Manager Listed Products and Investment Research, Jordan Eliseo, as he provides a snapshot of the gold market, its historical performance and the future trajectory of gold. This easy-to-digest presentation is relevant for all gold investors, no matter your background or experience.

Why The Perth Mint?

Operating for more than a century, The Perth Mint is devoted to bringing Australian precious metals to the world.

We do this by crafting an internationally renowned range of pure gold, silver and platinum collector and bullion coins and bars and providing easily accessible investment and storage solutions for modern investors around the globe.

As one of a select group of gold refiners that has accreditation from five of the world’s major gold exchange, we are also the world’s largest refiner of newly mined gold and the highest volume refiner in Australasia.

World's only gov guarantee perth mint
The world’s only government guaranteed investment and storage program

Owned by the Government of Western Australia, we operate under an explicit government guarantee making us the lowest risk refinery in the world. This means, unlike other organisations, there is no risk of loss to a liquidator in the event of insolvency.

Secure storage perth mint

Secure storage

We own a network of state of the art vaults that safeguard precious metals worth more than USD 3 billion for clients from across the globe, including sovereign wealth funds, central banks, and local and overseas families and individuals.

perth mint unbeatable

Unbeatable quality

We are a member of an elite group of world mints whose pure gold, silver and platinum legal tender coins and minted bars are trusted without question. For 120 years we have been respected for our quality, security, efficiency and technical expertise.

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    Depository Online is the only government guaranteed investment and storage program in the world, enabling 24/7 trading of precious metals with safe storage in the Mint's high security vaults.

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  • ASX traded PMGOLD

    Invest in Perth Mint Gold (ASX: PMGOLD) via your stockbroker. PMGOLD tracks the international spot price of gold in Australian dollars

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  • GoldPass trading app

    Securely buy, sell, transfer peer-to-peer and store physical gold via digital certificates at the touch of a screen with GoldPass smartphone app.

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    With The Perth Mint Bullion website, investors can purchase gold and silver bullion coins and bars with secure delivery to suit both Australian and international customers.

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