Why invest with us?

The Perth Mint has offered precious metal storage options, and a range of gold, silver and platinum bullion coins and bars to investors for more than 100 years.  

Our unique government guarantee, when complemented with Western Australia’s safe geo-political environment and location, and a commitment to unparalleled client service, make us one of the world’s most preferred traders and suppliers of precious metal investment products. 

The world’s only government guaranteed investment and storage program 

Owned by the Government of Western Australia since 1970, we operate under an explicit government guarantee which covers the obligations of our depository. 

Our diverse operations are bound by strict prudential management guidelines and policies, to ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, and Australian codes of practice.  

A service you can trust

As an internationally respected authority in precious metals, we offer outstanding choice for those who expect exceptional service, value and convenience when they buy bullion.

Providing trusted storage facilities, guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia, and with complete account privacy, investors are able to confidently transact with live pricing day or night, 7 days a week. 

Quality products

Built upon our extensive knowledge and experience amassed since our refining operations commenced in 1899, we have established an international reputation for the highest standards of reliability, accuracy and integrity across all of our precious metal investment products.  

A selection of innovative investment and storage solutions are also on offer, including a secure online trading program, which allows you to manage your own precious metal account.