New coins feature iconic James Bond logos

Feb 5, 2020

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It’s one of pop culture’s greatest logos. Designed by artist Joseph Caroff in time for the first James Bond film, Dr. No (1962), the iconic motif fuses the last digit of the super spy’s ‘Double O’ designation with the silhouette of a handgun.

james bond 007 logo Astonishingly, it’s said to have been conceived as a letterhead. According to Caroff, the basic concept sprang from writing 007 and instantly realising that the 7 was a great handle.

“Adding the barrel and trigger was pure joy,” he said. Today, it ranks among the most instantly recognisable brands in movie history.

james bond barrel logo

Our new Bond coins not only incorporate the famous 007 gun logo, but also a representation of the ‘gun barrel’ from Maurice Binder’s opening sequence, another signature device that’s been seen in every subsequent James Bond release. 

The graphic represents the view from inside a barrel featuring ‘riflings’ or helical grooves that impart spin and therefore aerodynamic stability on bullets.

In the motion pictures, a figure denoting James Bond walks into the barrel’s target zone; he turns and fires at the invisible assassin before a blood-red wave descends over the scene.

Introducing the James Bond coin series

The James Bond coin series kicks off with 1oz pure gold and 1oz pure silver releases limited to maximum mintages of 5,000 and 30,000 respectively. In Australia, just 500 of these gold coins and 3,000 of these silver coins will be available in presentation card packaging.

A special third version is also being issued featuring a distinctive high relief proof quality finish. Made from 1oz of pure silver and restricted to just 5,000 worldwide, the stunning coin’s reverse includes a gold coloured 007 gun logo.

No doubt all three would have appealed to Auric Goldfinger, the Bond villain famously obsessed by gold!

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