The Perth Mint Refinery and Treasury Services

At the heart of The Perth Mint’s global success achieved over 125 years are the trusted relationships we have forged with gold and silver miners, investors and customers.

Through our fully integrated structure, these relationships start with the global expertise offered by our refinery and treasury services and span the precious metals value chain. We are owned by the Government of WA with all precious metal holdings backed by a government guarantee. 

Our value added bullion products

We have capacity to convert hundreds of tonnes of fine gold each year into:

  • 99.99% and 99.50% kilo gold bars
  • 99.99% gold investment bars (0.5oz to 50oz)
  • 99.99% gold and silver granules
  • 99.9% 1000oz silver London Good Delivery Bars
  • 99.9% silver investment bars (10oz to 100oz)

As well as fabricating 400oz gold and 1,000oz silver London Good Delivery Bars, we can produce 99.99% gold and silver investment cast bars to help find markets for your precious metals.

Refinery primary purchase price

Australian Dollar N/A Perth Mint Buys
Australian Dollar Refinery Primary Purchase Price N/A Perth Mint Buys $3,432.22 (per gold ounce)

Price Updated: 22/06/2024, 04:59:00 AM
Terms and Conditions

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Disclaimer: The refinery primary purchase price displayed above is indicative only, and may be subject to change at short notice.  The Perth Mint provides no assurances as to the reliability or accuracy of the prices displayed on this page.

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