Gold bullion coins and bars at The Perth Mint.

Outstanding quality, guarantee and service

Why choose The Perth Mint to trade precious metals?

The Perth Mint offers peace of mind when it comes to buying and selling gold and silver. 

It is Australia’s largest fully integrated precious metals enterprise providing gold, silver and platinum products and services to markets throughout the world. It has serviced the gold industry for 125 years and is the only mint and precious metal storage program in the world backed by a government guarantee.

In addition, our location in Western Australia is considered geopolitically safe.

We offer:

  • Convenient online and in-person trading
  • Competitive pricing and fees
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick and secure delivery options for physical sales
  • Secure precious metals storage options
  • Global reputation for excellence
  • Innovative products and services

Choice of products

As an internationally respected authority in precious metals, we offer outstanding options for those who expect exceptional service, value and convenience when buying gold and silver. 

The Perth Mint gold and silver bullion bars and coins are sold around the world.


Know that when investing with us, you are dealing with the world’s only government owned precious metals enterprise. Providing trusted storage facilities and with complete account privacy, investors are able to transact confidently. 

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Highest standards

Built upon our extensive knowledge and experience amassed since our refining operations commenced in 1899, we are committed to ethically sourced gold and silver and our gold refining processes are internationally recognised and certified.

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Why invest with The Perth Mint

We have been refining gold and other precious metals since 1899

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Global reputation for quality and purity of our products

Security icon at The Perth Mint.

 We store more than AUD 6 billion worth of gold and silver for our clients around the world.

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Dedicated to ethically sourced precious metals
Government guaranteed at The Perth Mint.

Owned by the Government of WA with all precious metal holdings backed by a government guarantee.