Lunar bullion coins

Inspired by the Chinese zodiac, The Perth Mint Lunar bullion coin range is made with pure 99.99% pure gold, 99.99% pure silver and 99.95% pure platinum, backed by an exclusive government guarantee.

As the first international mint to celebrate the 12 animals of the ancient Chinese lunar calendar, these series of bullion coins are sought after by bullion buyers around the world since the first release in 1995. 

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Why invest in gold?

  • AUD 10,000 invested in gold in 1999 would be worth almost AUD 53,000 today.
  • AUD 10,000 invested in gold in 2009 would be worth almost AUD 20,000 today.
  • Gold has risen by more than 8% per annum for the last 20 years.

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Looking to invest over AUD 70,000?

For bullion purchase above AUD 70,000, please call our friendly customer service team to place your order.


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Depository Online

React quickly to price changes and trade 24/7 with Depository Online, which includes safe storage of your precious metals at The Perth Mint.

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GoldPass trading app

Secure trading of physical gold via digital certificates in AUD or USD is at your fingertips with the GoldPass app. The cutting edge investment platform allows instant transfer of certificates to other GoldPass users.

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Why invest with The Perth Mint

We have been refining gold and other precious metals since 1899

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Global reputation for quality and purity of our products

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 We store more than AUD 6 billion worth of gold and silver for our clients around the world.

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Dedicated to ethically sourced precious metals
Government guaranteed at The Perth Mint.

Owned by the Government of WA with all precious metals holdings bound by a constitutional guarantee.

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