Gold and silver prices

Precious metals prices vary throughout the day depending on global political, economic and many other influences.

To reflect the ever-changing price for precious metals, the prices displayed on The Perth Mint retail website update every five minutes when the global precious metals market is open. The prices shown may vary from those available at the time of purchase. See here for full terms and conditions.

The Perth Mint Spot Price

Why invest in gold?

  • AUD 10,000 invested in gold in 1999 would be worth almost AUD 53,000 today.
  • AUD 10,000 invested in gold in 2009 would be worth almost AUD 20,000 today.
  • Gold has risen by more than 8% per annum for the last 20 years.

      *   Figures correct as at July 2021.

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AUD precious metal spot price

Australian Dollar Ask Bid
Australian Dollar Gold Ask $2,597.17 Bid $2,580.39
Australian Dollar Silver Ask $30.25 Bid $29.53
Australian Dollar Platinum Ask $1,380.31 Bid $1,313.67
Australian Dollar Palladium Ask $3,499.53 Bid $3,263.43

Price Updated: 03/10/2022, 11:57:05 AM

USD precious metal spot prices

US Dollar Ask Bid
US Dollar Gold Ask $1,669.25 Bid $1,658.61
US Dollar Silver Ask $19.44 Bid $18.98
US Dollar Platinum Ask $887.15 Bid $845.08
US Dollar Palladium Ask $2,248.00 Bid $2,096.49

Price Updated: 03/10/2022, 11:57:03 AM

Historical gold and silver prices

Investors can track precious metal prices as part of their research. Historical gold, silver and platinum price data is available for download in csv files. 

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Perth Mint buy and sell gold prices

All products listed in the below tables are subject to availability*. Please phone The Perth Mint shop or check the Bullion product pages for more information. 

Perth Mint buy and sell silver prices

Perth Mint buy and sell platinum prices


*The prices displayed on this site are only indications of The Perth Mint's retail prices and are not firm commitments to buy or sell at the indicated prices. The indicative prices displayed are subject to change, and will be considered final at the time of purchase/sale. Customers may not rely on any representations made by The Perth Mint as to the availability of the products listed on this webpage. The availability of products changes regularly, and customers are encouraged to contact The Perth Mint’s retail store directly to receive up to date information regarding whether a particular product is in stock. To the maximum extent permitted by law, The Perth Mint accepts no liability for any loss suffered as a result of any action of any kind taken by any person based on information provided on this webpage.

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