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Safeguarding your investment

Peace of mind: Your gold, silver and platinum is secure in our vaults 

Storage options for gold, silver and platinum

The Perth Mint Depository offers three options for storing precious metals at The Perth Mint, including as allocated, pool allocated or unallocated metal.

When buying and selling stored metal, we offer competitive AUD and USD pricing for gold, silver and platinum. Check the latest  precious metal prices here.

As a world-leading mint and depository service, we are trusted by clients from around the globe to safeguard their gold, silver and platinum bullion investments. 

Three ways to store metal at the mint

1. Allocated storage  

Allocated bars are available in gold and silver. When you buy allocated bars, we place them in the Perth Mint Depository with your title attached to those specific bars. They are removed from our working inventory.

When buying allocated gold and silver, you pay for the bar, a fabrication charge and ongoing storage fees. The list of sizes available and fees can be found here

2. Pool allocated storage (silver only)

Pool allocated bars are available in 1000oz silver only. When you buy pool allocated bars, we set aside numbered bars into a segregated pool which backs the amount of pool allocated we owe to our customers and is therefore not available for us to use.

The list of the physical silver bars backing the pool allocated silver owned by depository online customers can be downloaded here.

When buying pool allocated silver, you pay for the bar as well as a reduced fabrication fee. The fabrication fee can be offset against fabrication fees on other bars should you choose to convert to allocated bars. Storage fees are lower than for allocated bars and charged on an ongoing basis. More information on fees can be found here. 

3. Unallocated storage

Silver, gold and platinum are available for unallocated. When buying unallocated, you only pay for the precious metal as there are no fabrication or storage fees.

You can convert your unallocated into allocated metal at any time, with fabrication and storage fees then payable.

* All conversions between metal types and products are subject to stock availability and production lead times. 

Questions about storage options

Visit our Frequently asked questions page for answers to commonly asked questions about our storage programs.

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We have been refining gold and other precious metals since 1899

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 We store more than AUD 6 billion worth of gold and silver for our clients around the world.

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