Account information and ID requirements

To buy and sell gold and silver bullion at The Perth Mint bullion trading room you will need to have an account. If trading AUD 2,000 or more of bullion, we will need to verify your identity in accordance with Australian Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing regulations.

Download and complete the customer due diligence form before coming in to trade, although you can complete them in store. Please ensure you have the correct identification verification documents applicable to each form.    

Select from the forms below, depending on what type of account you would like to set up. Please ensure your account name matches your identification.

Where to submit forms and ID

Online orders
For bullion orders made at for delivery or click and collect.
PO Box 297 East Perth WA 6892
In-person orders bullion
For orders at the bullion trading room.
310 Hay Street East Perth

Certified identification documents

A certified/notarised copy means a document that has been certified/notarised as a true copy of an original document.