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Gold, silver and platinum bullion

From pure gold and silver minted and cast bars to the renowned gold, silver and platinum Australian bullion coin program, The Perth Mint is unrivalled when it comes to quality, design and choice.

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How to buy bullion 

Six benefits of The Perth Mint’s bullion

As an investor, the best way to buy gold, silver and platinum bullion is direct from one of the world’s leading mints.

1 Accredited

We are the only government owned Australian refiner accredited in both gold and silver by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)

2 Recognised globally

Our refinery is one of the most highly accredited in the world by other major gold exchanges

3 Original

All our bullion bars feature our LBMA accredited swan logo stamp

4 Guaranteed

All precious metal holdings are backed by a government guarantee of weight and purity

5 Competitive

Competitive premiums

6 Trusted

Trusted investment options

Bullion coins

Our Australian legal tender bullion coins feature a suite of meticulously struck designs. Our renowned bullion coin program includes annual releases of iconic native Australian animals and Lunar series.

We offer a wide choice of weights ranging from 1/20oz to 10 kilos with a selection in 99.99% pure gold, 99.99% pure silver and 99.95% pure platinum.

Historical gold and silver prices

Minted bars

Our 99.99% pure gold minted bars come in eight sizes ranging from 1g to 10oz. We also have a 99.99% pure silver 1oz option.

All minted bars feature a struck version of The Perth Mint’s LBMA registered mark on the front and kangaroo motifs on the back. They come in tamper evident, card mounted blister packaging.

Mixed gold bars and bullion - The Perth Mint

Cast bars

Cast bars are one of the most cost effective and convenient ways to buy precious metals.

Available in 99.99% pure gold  and 99.90% pure silver in various sizes. All cast bars feature our LBMA-accredited stamp to ensure they are tradable internationally.

Bars and coins

What metals can I buy?

Choose from you preferred option, knowing that when buying from us you are getting the finest quality product