Coins steeped in Perth Mint history

Each coin in the pack is distinguished from coins struck at the Melbourne Mint by one of the mintmarks adopted by The Perth Mint between 1940 and 1964. All coins are in selected circulated condition and will show signs of wear.

The Perth Mint was originally established to refine gold sovereigns for the British Empire from the vast wealth found in the Western Australian goldfields. But after Britain abandoned the gold standard in 1931 the production of gold coins declined steadily under King George V.

In 1940, faced with a surge in demand for coins during World War II, the Commonwealth Treasury in Canberra called on The Perth Mint to produce more base metal coins.

From 1940 to 1966, when decimal currency was introduced, The Perth Mint produced millions of pennies and halfpennies under the reigns of King George VI, who reigned 1936-52, and Queen Elizabeth II. The Perth Mint also fulfilled an order for 1.3 million of the distinctive 1946 George VI shilling.

This set features: 

King George VI Penny - Mintmark types: dot after the Y in PENNY; dot after the last A in Australia; dot between the initials K and G (Kruger Gray).

King George VI Halfpenny - Mintmark types: Dot after the Y in Penny; dot after the last A in Australia.

King George VI 1946 Shilling - Mintmark type: Dot before the S of SHILLING.

Queen Elizabeth II Penny - Mintmark types: Dot after the Y in PENNY; dot after the last A in Australia.

Queen Elizabeth II Halfpenny - Mintmark types: Dot after the Y in PENNY; dot after the last A in Australia

Presentation packaging

The illustrated presentation folder includes a description of the coins and their history.

012 memories of monarchs & mintmarks pre decimal collection CardOpen

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