The Complete 1902-1910 Sovereign Collection

A rare opportunity to secure a complete collection of artefacts from Australia's golden heritage, this King Edward VII Sovereign Collection includes in superb quality every date and mintmark from 1902 to 1910 struck in Australia.

Key features:

  • 27 coin-collection featuring 1902-1910 struck sovereigns
  • 22-carat pure gold
  • 'M', 'P' and 'S' mintmarks denote mint of origin
  • Issued during King Edward VII's brief reign
  • Extremely Fine- about Uncirculated condition
  • Prestigious lockable timber case


The complete collection

This exceptional set of 27 extremely fine to about uncirculated sovereign coins is a rare opportunity to instantly create a complete collection.  Comprising every date struck at Australia’s Sydney, Melbourne and Perth mints from 1902 to 1910, each coin features the effigy of King Edward VII in a physical representation of his short-lived reign.

Imperial Design

The reverse of each coin portrays Benedetto Pistrucci's classic St George and the Dragon design and incorporates either an ‘S’, ‘P’ or ‘M’ mintmark denoting the Sydney, Perth and Melbourne mints, respectively.  The obverse of each sovereign depicts the original right-facing portrait of King George VII.

These specimens are scarce in premium grade due to the passage of time and the impact of history. Many 22-carat gold sovereigns were melted down to repay debt incurred during World War I.  The fact the sovereign was a circulating coin during King Edward VII’s reign resulted in most surviving pre-war sovereigns becoming notoriously well-worn from day-to-day use.

01 the complete 1902 1910 sovereign collection 2019 gold InCase

Luxury presentation

The comprehensive collection is housed in a lavish, lockable timber case with each coin individually displayed in a protective capsule. Each certificate is individually held in the case draw.


Product specification

Year Date


Gold Content - each (Troy oz)


Fineness (% purity)

91.67% pure gold


Extremely Fine - About Uncirculated

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