GoldPass - Gold Trading App

Securely buy, sell and transfer physical gold via digital certificates with GoldPass

GoldPass offers another dimension to the expansive range of innovative investment and storage solutions offered by The Perth Mint.



GoldPass is only available in selected country app stores, for further information please check your local app store.

GoldPass trading app by The Perth Mint


What is GoldPass?

At the touch of a screen, GoldPass gives investors the unique ability to securely buy and sell physical gold via digital certificates. The app also allows the instantaneous transfer of gold to other GoldPass users.

The Perth Mint’s latest investment platform, powered by Trovio technology, offers investors the trusted quality for which Perth Mint products are renowned with the flexibility and convenience to access their wealth at any time.

GoldPass offers the capability to transact gold in either Australian or US Dollars, making it an excellent option for global investors or those wishing to gain exposure to gold in US Dollar terms.

All GoldPass digital certificates are 100% backed by physical Perth Mint gold stored in its central bank grade vaults, with the weight and purity of every ounce guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia.

GoldPass digital certificates are an alternative to cryptocurrency investments and will pave the way for gold to be used as a transactional currency.

Using GoldPass, investors may buy Perth Mint unallocated gold and can redeem their metal holdings at any time for cash or delivered physical gold.




Powered by Trovio

This investment platform is powered by Trovio technology. Trovio is a software services company that uses proprietary technology, specifically tailored to digitise Perth Mint gold, and is perfectly fit-for-purpose in creating digital investment products.


What's in GoldPass?

GoldPass is a full-service gold investment app. It allows users to securely buy, sell and transfer physical gold via digital certificates.

The physical gold backing the product is represented in the form of digital certificates within GoldPass. The holdings are visible via the app’s interface along with any cash available, similar to how balances are seen on online banking systems.

All cash and metal holdings are fully guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia.

Investors can send gold in real time to other GoldPass users, or redeem their digital certificates for physical gold or cash at any time.


Download Now

GoldPass is available for free to download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.



Help and FAQs

Are GoldPass holdings covered by the Government Guarantee?
All digital certificates are 100 percent backed by physical Perth Mint gold, with the weight and purity of every ounce guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia. All holdings are also 100% guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia.

Can I set-up a GoldPass account in the name of a SMSF or Trust?
Yes, currently you can set-up a GoldPass account in the name of an individual, SMSF and Trust. Company accounts are currently in development and will be available in the future.

Where is GoldPass available to download?
GoldPass is available for download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in Australia and the USA.

Do I require ID Verification?
Yes, completed ID verification is required prior to full functionality being enabled on your account.  This requirement applies to individuals as well as SMSF/Trust account types.

In individual cases, the registration and ID verification can be completed within minutes of downloading the app. If more information is required to complete the verification, one of our customer service operatives will contact you to discuss.

What gold products does GoldPass offer?
Currently unallocated gold is the only product available to buy, sell and transfer on GoldPass. However additional metals and products are expected to be made available in the near future.

Do you offer Silver via GoldPass?
Currently unallocated gold is the only metal available through GoldPass. We plan to offer silver in the near future.

What technology does GoldPass use?
Unique digitally secured certificates are minted cryptographically on Trovio’s servers, containing detailed ownership information over physical gold stored at The Perth Mint. The digital certificates are stored in a digital vault and secured using bank-level technology and security.

What is Digital Gold?
Because legal ownership of physical gold is represented in a digital form, it is often referred to as ‘digital gold’. It is an innovative way to hold and trade physical gold, at a competitive price point to alternative gold investments. The technology also allows for enhanced functionality such as faster settlement times including instant transfers of metal.

What currencies can GoldPass trade in?
GoldPass is available in Australian Dollars and US Dollars with plans to expand into other currencies in the future.

What is the minimum investment? The maximum investment?
The minimum investment is 0.001oz of gold, approximately AUD 2.20 or USD 1.50. There is no limit on the maximum investment.

What are the fees and charges applicable to this?
There is no fee charged on account balances nor any ongoing management fee. “Certificate fees” do apply on buy and sell transactions and vary depending on transaction value. For full details of all fees and charges, please see Section 7 in our Terms and Conditions below.

How much is each certificate represented?
Certificates are of varying value and are available to be viewed within each GoldPass account. The total quantity of all certificates held for each asset is presented as one total balance of holdings in the wallet.

What is the time-frame for redeeming physical?
If the particular product that the investor wants to take delivery of is in stock, it is available for immediate delivery.

What bank accounts can be used for GoldPass set-up?
The name of the bank account registered to your GoldPass account must match your GoldPass account name. For an individual GoldPass account, the bank account must be in the name of the individual. For a SMSF/Trust GoldPass account, the bank account name must match that of the legal entity name of the SMSF/Trust.



GoldPass Terms and Conditions

Download and read the GoldPass terms and conditions here.

GoldPass-PMGT Link Terms and Conditions

Download and read the GoldPass-PMGT Link terms and conditions here.

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