Benefits of wearing an emerald ring

Oct 21, 2022

May’s birthstone, the emerald, has a glittering history dating back more than 4,000 years and features in the stories of many cultures across the globe.

Mined first in Egypt, Ancient Egyptians believed that emeralds signified eternal life through rebirth, with only pharaohs originally allowed to wear the green stone, often set in emerald rings.

And it wasn’t just immortality these gemstones were said to offer, fertility, eternal youth, riches, power and future foresight were all attributed to emeralds.

Arguably one of the most famous collectors of emeralds was the Ancient Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, who owned the emerald mines in Egypt more than 2,000 years ago and who displayed her wealth and power by adorning herself and her palace with the green gems as well as giving them to foreign dignitaries as gifts.

Since antiquity, emeralds have continued to be valued by the most prestigious of clientele, with many royals choosing the stone for crowns, rings and necklaces. Prince Albert commissioned a diamond and emerald tiara back in 1845 for his wife, Queen Victoria, and the Duchess of Cambridge has an extensive array of emerald jewellery to complement her elegant style.

What to look for when choosing an emerald ring

Similarly to diamonds, emeralds should be bought considering each of the four Cs: colour, clarity, cut and carat.

Emerald colour

When choosing an emerald ring, it’s important to note the colour. Typically, the most desirable stones are coloured a medium to dark green or blue-green and it’s this that is the primary factor in the value of an emerald. The darker and brighter the stone, generally the higher the price tag.

Emerald clarity

Once colour is established, clarity is the next to check off the list. However, unlike diamonds, it’s more difficult to determine the clarity due to the fact that emeralds almost always contain inclusions (material trapped during the formation of the mineral).

For higher value purposes, however, these should be deep under the surface of the stone and should be avoided if large or appear as bubbles. Often emeralds need to be treated, which is becoming more common practice, however this and the method used should be disclosed at point of sale.

Emerald cut

When looking at the cut of an emerald a symmetrical rectangular (known as the emerald cut) is one of the most popular shapes as it helps to maximise the brilliance and colour of the stone. This shape also makes the stone appear larger than other cuts. Oval and round emeralds, however, are the most highly sought, but these tend to be rarer and more expensive due to the wastage created in the cutting process.

Are emerald rings a sound investment long-term?

Emeralds are 20 times rarer than diamonds and to mine one gem-quality carat, the removal of five tons of earth is necessary. Because of this, the price tag for a high-quality emerald can be more than a diamond.

Historically, gold and precious gemstones have helped investors protect their wealth in volatile markets. Not only that but high-quality emeralds, due to their rarity, are known to hold their value. With this in mind, it’s important to buy from a reputable company, ones who mine ethically and cut the stones themselves.

Reputable sellers will also ensure safety and sustainability are part of their mining ethos.

Where can you buy a quality emerald ring?

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