How to choose the perfect engagement ring

Oct 21, 2022

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The Perth Mint has an extensive range of luxury wedding jewellery that has something for every taste.

Whether you’re choosing an engagement ring for your partner or yourself, The Perth Mint can find you the perfect ring.

To choose the perfect ring you must consider her personality and style. Is she classic and elegant? Bold and glamorous? Vintage and romantic? Or modern and alternative?

Classic and elegant

This style is for the woman who prefers simplicity and practicality. She likes to be captivating but not overpowering. The solitaire setting is the ultimate classic, popular for its timeless beauty. The centre diamond is the shining star of the show that needs no distractions.

Bold and glamorous

This woman does not fly under the radar, she wants something that makes a statement. These brides like a lot of sparkle and are all for ‘the bigger the better’. Halo engagement settings are a pavement of smaller diamonds that surround the centre diamond. They are the perfect way to add extra sparkle and make the centre diamond appear larger.

Vintage and romantic

This style is for your hopeless romantics. They love sentimentality and the charm of the past. This bride wants something with deeper meaning. She wants a ring that’s more uniquely catered to her and does not want something everyone else has. One of the most beautiful and rare gemstones in the world, the opal can look stunning in a vintage setting. No two stones are the same. Opals are also said to represent faithfulness and confidence. The perfect symbol of love and commitment.

Modern and alternative

This style is for the fashion-forward bride that wants something less conventional and more edgy. This bride is after something artistic and unique. Split shouldered rings are the perfect contemporary design for the modern bride. This is where the band narrows at the setting creating a small window. As a result, the band looks lighter, accentuating the centre diamond.

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